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Don’t trust those feel-good reviews. They all are lies.

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Jason

My experience at Alexandria Braces was horrible. They don’t tell you about the careless and horrible time management of these places. They give you lame excuses for their carelessness and then expect you to believe them. I would suggest going somewhere else where the doctors and the staff really care about you and your time. Go to Alexandria Braces only if you wish to waste your time. These people have no sense of punctuality. Even if you’d book an appointment with the doctor, you’d have to wait for an hour after the set time. They don’t care if your time is getting wasted or if you have to go back to your job. All they care about is their money. I had found out about this place online. There weren’t any complaint about time management or punctuality so I had no doubts. But it turns out; this place was just the opposite of what was mentioned in the reviews. I’m certain some of those reviews were fake. They’ll charge you in advance for the appointment and no, they won’t issue a refund if you miss the appointment. I missed an appointment there. That wasn’t because I wasn’t there on time. It was because I was tired of waiting and I had a meeting with a client. I couldn’t miss that meeting so I left the place. They didn’t give me a refund but they told me they’ll adjust the sum for my next appointment. I was a fool to believe those people. They never made any adjustments. I had to pay them for my next appointment. And not only that, I had to wait for at least 40 minutes that day too. I don’t know why they keep things so mismanaged there. They don’t care about the patients. They don’t want to lose customers but they don’t want to care for them too. They are too lazy and careless. The staff there is very rude. Eventually, I stopped going there. After 3 wasteful visits, I didn’t think it’d be okay to keep going there. Why would someone waste their time on such kind of crap? This area has plenty of other orthodontists and dentists. I can go anywhere else and get proper treatment there. At least, I wouldn’t have to rely on their nonsensical reception and time management. I actually started seeing another orthodontist, and I didn’t face any problem regarding punctuality. I shared my experience with you because it’s important for you to know the reality. You can still go to this place and hope to get treatment. The only problem is, you might also have to wait for hours for a simple checkup. I only got a simple checkup twice in my three visits. And they all were just a waste of time. I would still suggest you go someplace else because this place isn’t worth it. Don’t waste your time and money at Alexandria Braces.

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