Alfa Romeo of Orange Park

Sold me a car in horrible condition

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Published: 22 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I had a pathetic experience with Alfa Romeo of Orange Park. This car dealer sold me a car in its worse condition despite offering me poor customer service. Buy a car from them at your own risk.
I recently secured a job as an accountant in one of the leading companies in Orange. Going to work by public transport was not an easy task, and I had to force my way through. At times, I failed to catch the morning bus and was forced to hire a taxi. This was expensive. The worst thing about using public transport was getting to work late, and my boss did not like it. He served me with a warning, and I knew it was time to find a way out. I first thought of hiring a car, but this was expensive. It would cost me a few dollars, and I would eventually return the car to its owner after someday. Instead, I decided to collect money from my saving accounts and get a second-hand car. I always admired owning an Alfa Romeo, and nothing could stop my dream. I started researching car dealers who sold second hand Alfa Romeo cars in Orange city, and this is how I came to learn about Alfa Romeo of Orange Park. This car dealer had an outstanding website, and I decided to buy a car from them since they a variety of cars to offer.
Before going to the organization, I decided to book an appointment in the live chat section. I sent a message, it was delivered and read, but I did not get a response. That was strange as the expected the dealer to respond immediately. I decided to wait and see whether they would reply by the evening. There had not replied despite the customer agent being online the whole time. I decided to call the number posted on their website and see whether they would answer. To my surprise, there was no one to answer, and i had nothing to do but wait.
On the next day, I received a call from a personal number claiming to be a customer agent from Alfa Romeo of Orange Park. The customer support acknowledged he had received my call the previous day but was a bit busy and couldn’t attend to it immediately. I didn’t ask any questions but went straight to booking an appointment. The customer support agent scheduled my appointment in the afternoon.
I arrived at Alfa Romeo of Orange Park before time to be served as soon as possible. The manager was friendly, and he showed me what they had to offer. U decided to settle for a used 2018 Maserati Ghibli Base. This car was in perfect condition and went for fair prices. I decided to buy this car. After two weeks, the car engine started failing. This was odd, considering it was new. I took it to a local garage that examined it and informed me that most engine parts were worn out. This was unbearable. How was that even possible, and I had bought the car in less than a month? The mechanic advised me to always have a used car inspected before buying.

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