Alice L. Hardman

Telephone Scam, Person impersonating my grandson in law

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Published: 09 January 2018

Posted by: Alice L. Hardman

On 12-28-17 , 11 AM I rec’d call from (so called) grandson in law. (Sounded just like him), He said “This is Eric” Went on that he was in
jail in Boise, ID, en route home (Newcastle, WA) from a wedding, had accident. Bad condition, nose broken and lacerations on face. Had
not been wearing seatbelt. He had stopped at intersection, then started thru it when a lady (pregnant) ran thru the intersection,
without stopping and hit him. He was allowed one phone call, limited to 5 min. He needed help and asked me to call court appointed
attorney. Gave me phone number 443 282 1565.

I called the number, phone answered “Legal Aid Office.” Given man who said he was Mark Neuman, atty and that Eric was he was the
appointed atty. Eric was charged with Reckless Endangerment and 1/2 point above legal alcohol limit. Suffering from injuries and
not wanting anyone, family etc to know about his arrest as he had such a good record and wanted to keep it. He said he believed
Eric’s account and had sent investigators to the scene, perhaps to locate witnesses. The lady in the hospital, Shawn Stuart, was
pregnant, declared Eric had run a red light, was in danger of losing baby. Had got the court to reduce bail from $10,000. to $5,000. Cash in amount of $2,400. needed for bond. Needed to go thru bank that bond co. used, sae it was not in Seattle but could go
thru moneygram. He gave me reference number for Eric in jail A245202, Told me where I could get moneygram (Albertson”s
Grocery Store.

I went to Albertsons, got moneygram. Was asked Eric’s address and I gave WA. It had not registered with me that he had said to
put PA as state, probably because this would not have made sense to me. The moneygram did not go thru. He said Eric was
comfortable for the night, get the funds back, go to another Albertsons, give another phone number and use PA for state.

I called my gr. daughter as I thought she would be concerned that Eric was delayed getting home. Learned Eric had not left
home and I talked with him also. Realized the scam–all so realistic and well orchestrated.

Rec’d call from so called Mark Neuman about 7:30 AM on 12/29. Did not share info that I had talked with Eric. Said I would
get the money from Albertson’s as he directed. Went to Albertson’s and my money was refunded. Had two calls from the
scammer later in the morning and did not answer the phone. I am 92 years old and almost fell for this scam. Have successfully
recognized all the other previous scams but this one was a narrow escape. (He mentioned Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

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