Alicia/Lish Anderson

Alicia is a typical bitch who wrecks people’s home

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Published: 01 August 2017

Posted by: Kelly M. Vasquez

Alicia/Lish Anderson, Albanese, from Tarpon Springs, FL is a fishy homewrecker who pursues married men. She obviously has no clue how to keep a man, as she has been divorced twice now. She also has two children from two different fathers. She started having an affair even while she was having her divorce. She projected herself as miserable and depressed so that the other person would give him sympathy love. She tried to take down his marriage also, by portraying herself so needy. She is a pathetic example of a mother and a women. Alicia should be ashamed of herself for what she’s doing to that man. She does not deserve to represent the children’s organization she works for. I don’t know what her employers and coworkers would think of her if they knew about her ways. She’s a hypocrite and not very professional, to say the least.
These whores need to back off from married individuals! Get it through your dumb, frosted head, bitch! Karma will surely get back to you! You’ll experience all the bad things for yourself, more than the things you did to others. I have an evil streak and have zero patience for whores, especially the ones with kids. Just go get your own life man, and stop destroying it for others!

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