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Published: 02 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We are a proffesional license general contractor on the Pacific coast. Our company provides energy management services to local businesses. As a contractor we must stand behind our work and equipment. | As we found out China LED manufactures have an issue with quality and honoring their warranties. ALite LED as we thought were one of the better LED manufactures in China. However three years ago we spent nearly $10,000.00 on 102 LED light fixtures with them. As all China manufactures will tell you, they provide a five year warranty on their LED lights and drivers. Not with Alite. We have been having issues with the drivers failing. | Meanwell is the manufacture for the drivers and was suppose to be the best. These drivers are widly used with LED lighting. | We have exhausted every effort to get Alite to contact us. We have given them weeks to respond to our request. | When we had several LED light fixtures fail last year we did finally get ahold of ALite. But they wanted us to buy more fixtures before sending us new drivers. Of course not, why would we buy more lights from them when its like nearly impossible to get them to send us warranty parts in the firstplace. | This year they will not replace or resond to our e-mails or reques. I guess we are just screwed. | If you purchase LED lighting from China, you will not be happy with the services received. This is not the only comapny in China that has ripped us us!

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