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Published: 27 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

All American Alarm This report is vital for consumers to read and be aware, it deals in two ways. First, I had at least 3 times in 3 years some salesperson from All American Alarm come and ring my bellto pitch me about robberies in my area and also putting a alarm sign on my grassto supposely deter intruders from coming inside my house too rob me. I have 3 different person from the same company, so I have allow them to come in so I can learn abouttheir loaded fear based sales presentation and then listen to them save me by getting an alarm system. Well, I bet there are a ton people people in the swfl area that had this type of cold calling selling approachdone to them by this company reps, which I truly feel bad for them. Why? I have taking the liberty to ask them questions about their job and the company and learn quite a bit about them.They sound like the way they get pay, use their own cars, cellphones, long hours hitting the pavement until evening hourstrying to make a sale is a ripoff to them by this so call company. One of them basically in many words told me that for the short time the person been with this company, they can’t keep anyone for long in the sales area, they leave. So even if you call the salesman that came to your house if you were crazy enough to buy from them, they probably are gone, and then you may have to speak to someone in their Ft Myers office. Second at one time, some guy Derrick knock on my door with apparently a trainee, holding a ALL American Alarm Sign, he was rude, condesenting he spoke fast, you could not even talk, as he promoted the sales pitch how good the company was and ratings, I told them I was not interested at the time, told them to leave, he got nasty. Well, I never complainted to anyone and took it in stride, but one of my best friend had this company, for some years and when my friend call to cancel the monitoring, a nasty lady name Carla, told my friend that they own the alarm equipment install in the house, and that the contract renew automaticaly. Well my friend was livid, consequently my friend when with another company. Let me explain something here once and for all. This company tries to give you a basic alarm system for free, but they do not tell you in the front end of the so call presentation if you qualify, they run your credit to see if your becon score is 600 or above, so they can sell the 3 or 5 year monitoring to Vector. They apparently use someone else in the past for monitoring, now is vector. So if you do not qualify, guess what happens, yes… you have to buy the equipment and pay for monitoring before they consider any installation. Ok that is business, people understand, but your false pre-tense pitch at the front door of anyone house does not tell you that, even during this fear based presentation, you are totally unaware of this practice until the very end. Now, if you take a look they advertise in craigslist with some fancy images and some words trying to hire new sales people without any real explanation about what this job is about and expectations, they lack information and omit the real deal for these people that canvass our neighborhoods daily,by knocking on peoples door at times, when we are trying to have diner with our families. Please stop this practice, if anyone wants a security alarm system, I bet, can go online and search for it and select the company best suited for them. I could be wrong, but I thought you need a special permit to solicit and promote any kinds of goods door to door in swfl. I could go forever about what I have learned about how this company does business,but it best to keep it short, just be very aware about this company. Now let’s wait for a rebuttal from the two managers of the company, may be that guy Derrick if he still there, and defend the company. This is very real you can not make this up, even if you wanted, but the consumer has a right to know…be careful. Next time someone knocks on your door and it is about alarms sells, politely say thank you, if you want an alarm sytem you will call them.

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