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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I signed a quote for a home remodel project on December 20, 2019 with Anchor and Remodeling, Inc. with my contact person being Mike Chaffee. On the same day, my credit card was charged for $1586 as they required down payment equaling half of the entire payment. The balance of an additional $1586 was to be paid upon completion of the remodel. On Monday, January 23, 2019 I received a text message from Mike Chaffee that stated they could not do the remodel job as agreed upon because there was not enough room underneath the home. He said that they can issue a refund of my money. He apologized and said that has never happened before. That evening I called Mike Chaffee and told him that I requested a full refund since they could not complete the work as agreed upon. He said that he would process that refund first thing in the morning. The following day, January 24, 2019 at 1:19pm, I emailed the contact, Mike Chaffee, confirming that he processed the refund of $1586 back to the AMEX as we agreed upon the previous evening. On the same day, at 1:58pm he responded and said that it was done and to allow a couple of days for it to show up. On Friday, January 27, 2019 I sent a follow-up email letting the contact, Mike Chaffee, saying that the credit was not yet placed on my account. I did not hear back from the contact. On Monday, January 30, 2019 I sent another follow-up email, again with no response. On February 1, 2019 I sent a text message to Mike Chaffee telling him that the refund has not been credited back and to please resolve. He responded at 2:18pm saying, “yes, I make sure it’s handle today for sure.” Since the refund was not being processed, I was beginning to become skeptical about this company. I hired another company to go underneath the home and they stated that there was plenty of room underneath the home to get the job done. I also have documentation from that company stating that absolutely no previous work was done by Anchor and Remodeling, Inc. On February 4, 2019 I once again emailed my contact at the company, Mike Chaffee, replying to his very first email written on January 24, 2019 at 1:58pm where he stated that the refund was done and to allow a couple of days for it to show up. Once again, there was no reply to my inquiry. Emails that were once replied to immediately, are no longer being responded to. On February 4, 2019 I also sent a second email to Mike Chaffee indicating that I now had concerns that his company stated that they could not do the work that they were contracted to as a result of u201cthe home was too close to the groundu201d. On Thursday, February 2, 2019 I hired a general contractor to go under the home to verify that absolutely no work was done by Mike Chaffee and his company Anchor and Remodeling, Inc. and also to verify that there was ample room under the home to do the work that Anchor and Remodeling, Inc. was contracted, and paid half up-front, to do. This contractor verified that no prior work was done and that there was u201cplenty of roomu201d to do the requested work. I have his documentation stating this. I then submitted a dispute with my credit card company, American Express. As per their terms, the merchant has the ability to reply to the inquiry. On February 25, 2019 they received documentation from Anchor and Remodeling, Inc. stating that the transaction was valid as I received goods/svs in full. This contradicts the previous correspondence that I received on January 23, 2019 stating that the job could not be completed and that a refund had been placed. In summation, work could not be performed according to the company, work was not performed by the company, and they stated on two occasions that they have refunded. I have all documentation in the form of text messages and emails regarding this case and would be happy to provide upon request.

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