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Published: 25 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I bought a 1999 Ford Explorer from auto max the end of Febuary(2006) I was excited, my first car, I did it alone. Being a female, this was a big deal to me; not to mention, It looks really nice! This whole process was very new to me, I signed a bunch of papers, yes they gave me time to read them, yet they kept talking to me threw out the process, cracking jokes making it hear to really pay attiontion. Two weeks later, everything seems fine, Im happy, the car looks good, I let my boyfriend use it while I’m at work. When I get home, I find out the car ended up dying on the highway and he had to coast his way off almost really hurting himself, and the car. At this point, we weren’t sure what was wrong. The next morning, I call the lot, they tell me they will tow it at “take care of it” I go two days, taking a taxi to and from work $35 eachway, and call them back… They say they don’t have the keys, so they haven’t gotten to the problem yet. (HOW WIERD IS THAT?!?) So, sinse Im out of transportation, they drive to me, get the keys, and I talked them into a loaner. So, “Mike” lends me a car to drive while mine is getting fixed. He said the boss doesn’t know about it. Three weeks go by… I call, Mike says It doesn’t look good and I’ll probally end up getting a new car. One more week, I call(this whole time Im calling Them) And they tell me to come in. GREAT!! I go, and it ends up, I DO have to pay for it. It was the headgasket, and my fault because I choosed to drive while it was hot. UNTRUE! How is the headgasket gonna explode after two weeks of having a car? They ALSO had to get a new key witch cost me $95, but I gave them the key, so why d I have to pay for a $95 key?? It doen’t even have an alarm. Short storie, they lied to me saying I wouldn’t have to pay for anything, and know I have to pay a total of $1745 for thier mistake. They wouldn’t give me the car until I signed papers, that didn’t state what they said word of mouth. I talked to my lawyer, but since I choosed to go back to them to fix it, and everything is word of mouth, I don’t have a case. This is a real phrase of bad words. The sad thing is I have to face them every two weeks, to pay them money I shouldn’t be paying. They saw a female, and choosed to take avantage of it, they were so good, they hid all evadence. They didn’t nor no longer have the parts I’m payiing for, I have NO IDEA what was really wrong with my car, or proof of anything, except the faces they give me when I go make my payments. I also had problems getting them to fix my stereo they broke while fixing the first problem, and got my expection sticker from them 2 months after having the car and receiving a ticket. Star Euless, TexasU.S.A.

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