All American Steel Buildings Chris White Owner Grand Junction Colorado

All American Steel Buildings Chris White Owner Grand Junction Colorado

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Published: 14 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I reside in Delta Colorado and own a small peice of property in Montorse Colorado. I contacted All American Steel Building through a small ad generated in a free news paper called “THE NICKLE” which is an advertising news letter style paper owned by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel News Paper. The Ad stated that All American Steel Buildings could sell and build you a Metal Building for 1/3rd the cost of anyone else, also claiming that his contractor and cement people work for half the price,, which makes him sell buildings cheaper and better! On my first phone call with Chris White, he seemed very anxious and fast talking, not letting me get a word in edge wise, answering questions faster then I could ask them. I was a bit curious about the way he was acting but didn’t think nothing of it because he was a salesman, and thats how salesman act.. I would like to say before speaking to Chris White I talked to many other building companys, so I knew what to expect, the metal building industry is full of crooks and scam artists and it’s very hard to find someone you can trust! Chris told me that for 68,000.00 I could have the building of my dreams, when everyone else was telling me 84,000.00 to 112,000.00 for the same thing. I was really shocked and surprised at what he was telling me and it made me more curious to what was going on here. Chris gave me some address”s of some places where he sold some buildings to and also had built, and told me to go look them over and see what I thought. So I went out and looked at 3 places that supposedly had his building on them, and they all looked professional and new! When I got to the last place on the list which was located in Mac Colorado I pulled up to the property to inspect the building and a gentleman came out and asked what I was doing. I told him “CHRIS” sent me over here to look at the building he erected and that it would be alright to look it over. The man didn’t have a problem with it and he even took me inside to show me how nice it was. As we where walking around and looking the building over we where talking about CHRIS and his company ALL AMERICAN STEEL BUILDINGS.. When I mentioned ALL AMERICAN STEEL BUILDINGS the man was confused in what I was talking about, that ALL AMERICAN STEEL BUILDINGS didn’t build his shop for him, I asked him if he got his building from CHRIS and he said yes, but when the truth came out, the CHRIS he was talking about owned a totally different company located in Grand Junction Colorado and that he was the one that built the building not CHRIS WHITE.. I contacted the other company and talked to a guy named CHRIS and explained to him what was going on, he then stated that Chris White uses his buildings as his show pieces to sell his product. He also told me that the company where Chris White gets his buildings from are seconds and that the perlings are at a differnt location then the other companys to save on cost. And by deleting the 3rd perling in the wall makes the buildings weak and doesn’t pass most code laws. He stated that Chris White also has the building company he purchases his product from install bent formed steel structures on the end walls and not I-Beam structures which is a DANGER and Hazard, which will cause the building to fold up and collape! At the end of our conversation he stated that he has finished out more then 10 buildings that Chris White sold to people because the contruction workers and concrete people walked off the job, leaving the buildings half erected and not finished. He stated he gets calls like this all the time and that Christ White gives him a BAD NAME.. I then proceeded to investigate Chris White and All American Steel Buildings on the internet, and with more shock and astonishment I found that this guy is BAD NEWS from the get go with reviews on everything from RIP OFF REPORT to Google Reviews and Yellow Page Reviews. I did contact Chris White and confront him with the issues listed above and he was rude, loud, obnoxious with me, stating that he felt threatened and that if I ever call him again he was going to turn me into the local law for harassment and have a restraint order placed on me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from this guy, it was very weird and uneasy.. A few days later I got a call from a stranger stating that there is going to be a law suit filed on Chris White and his company by several people that got RIPPED OFF by him for 100’s of thousands of dollars, all the way from the shadey contractors to the cheap building companys and overhead door people, he asked if I would be a charictor witness and I turned him down. I asked where he got my phone number and he said from the other Chris at the other building company that Chris White was fraudly using as his product.. This is a warning, to anybody wanting a steel/metal building, and if you know what’s good for you to stay clear of this company and all the people that are involved with it. I also found out that Chris White works at a Christian Academy called Life Academy as a volunteer Accounting teacher. Im curious, how can a Christian School let someone like this guy teach children numbers and figures with a background like his? Please take this report serious, and make sure to check out what and who your dealing with before you deal with them, sometimes the ones that seem innocent and honest are the biggest crooks in the world!

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