All American Steel Buildings

All American Steel Buildings

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Published: 15 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

All American Steel Buildings of Grand Junction Colorado is the most crooked Steel Building Company in Colorado! I contacted the owner for a purchase of a building to be built in Utah, he said he could do the job and was qualified to build in the state of Utah. I then proceeded to exchange information on what kind of building I was looking for, and so forth. At that time he sent me a price qoute for the building and the labor for assembly, I was astonished about the price he gave me because he advertises his sales to be 15.00 per sq ft for materials and labor, but by the time he gave me my price it rounded out to 33.50 per sq ft. I contacte Chris White and asked him why so much when he advertises so low, he stated that I will “CUT YOU A BETTER DEAL” if you pay cash — NO CHECKS — NO CREDIT CARDS — CASH!! I felt very suspesious about the whole thing and contacted my local building inspectors office located in Moab Utah, they said that he has built building in town before with no permits and no contractor license, that he is not welcome until he has the proper paper work to do so! I then contacted Chris White on this matter and he suggested that I use “A GUY” he knows that will sign off on the permits for us, he also stated that if I wanted to save more money on the building I could hire some “DAY LABOR” to build my building, and then again asked if I had any cash for him to get started! I investigated the matter further and found out that he has ripped people off in the resent past, concrete was not poured properly, buildings where being erected uneven and out of square, parts where missing from the building kits, and his “DAY LABOR” help didnt know how to build a building or read blue prints!.. I feel that this report is being written to WARN others about this Crhis White and his company – All American Steel Building located in Grand Junction Colorado. It is a real shame that these type of people are out there ripping people off and getting away with it.. I contacted the BBB and found out that he has more then 1 strike against him and I also contacted the Colorado Attorney General’s Office and found that he has been reported several times.. This is a STRONG Warning to realize that the Metal/Steel Building Industry is full of Liars, Cheats, Snakes, and CROOKS, and this guy is at the top of the list in The Southern Part of the Great Southwest of the USA!

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