All City Trucking

All City Trucking

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Published: 29 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is a scam operation, intended to prey on consumers looking for a low-cost move. The experiences of the many casualties of this business all indicate that the movers will 1) not arrive as agreed 2) charge more than the agreed upon price, once you have no remaining alternatives 3) arrange for a confederate to call to bail you out of your predicament, again at a wildly inflated price. Ryan and Carlos are the architects of this scheme, and while they are rude at the best of times, they will certainly call you all kinds of unpleasant names if they are cornered on their scam. How this company has been in business for the “13 years” listed on the website is beyond my imagination. In fact, the owners should probably be jailed instead. The one star Facebook and Google reviews are completely accurate. | Here is our experience with All City Trucking (at this point, operating under the pseudonym “Easy Movers Inc”) | 1. All City Trucking/Easy Movers were booked on September 15 for 2220 Lakeshore Blvd, for a move to 65 Bremner Blvd on September 30 | 2. My partner was called by Easy Movers/All City Trucking on September 22 to confirm the date and time of the move | 3. My partner called Easy Movers/All City Trucking on the evening of September 28 to confirm the time and place of the move – at 0815, with no movers having arrived, my partner called Easy Movers/All City Trucking to ask if there had been a delay. She was told that they would look into it. | 4. Having received no callback and no further information, my partner called several additional times between 0815 and 0845. The calls were directed immediately to voicemail, leading us to believe that the phone had been turned off. | 5. At 0845, a fortunately available acquaintance helped us to move her furniture and belongings for $100 | 6. Still having received no calls or follow up from Easy Movers, we was able to hire another truck, on short notice, for a total of $400 As a result of the no-show, we were forced to book another mover on an emergency basis – costing far more. | 7. After doing some background checking, it seems that All City Trucking was the parent corporation of these “new” movers. Furthermore, contact information for at least two invented moving companies (Easy Movers Inc, Short Notice Movers) redirects back to All City Trucking.

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