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Published: 08 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My brother who is mellow and soft natured guy bought a PCM form All Computer Resources Inc in good faith. He was even taken into confidence with generous words alongside a lifetime warranty, obviously, for which he had to pay. Now, when I further asked my brother about this deal, he said that it was all good, but when I pressed him then he said that of flat they acting as an ass. They have been denying his request to replace the PCM. The first and foremost thing that I asked him was about the warranty, then he said that it was all just a piece of paper for them.

When he first reached out to the All Computer Resources INC they said they need track back the device for testing for internal checkup. Post which they would in any position to tell him whether the device will be replaced or not. But it was a double whammy for my brother as he has to incur the extra charges and in process if they denied him of the so-called ‘Warranty Claim’ then he would have to anyways spend a big sum of money to procure another PCM. It took me awhile to realize that he was not just losing out a free replacement chance, but he also was losing the money that he spent on paying the premiums.  Yes, nothing comes free he had to pay premium for the lifetime warranty which he bought as he had complete faith in the company. Now, after this incident the faith is gone for a toss. Also, if you are looking to buy any product from All Computer Resource Inc be extra cautious, so that you do not have to face the problem that my brother is facing.

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