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Published: 28 February 2018

Posted by: Aaron Stephenz

All For One Health Care took care of my mother about 1.5 years ago. My mother was dissatisfied with the care and administrative staff, that she complained to AHCA. I am a physician in New Jersey and have referred my patients to Home Health services. The concept is great, but agencies like ALL FOR ONE is distroying home care’s purpose. After reading all this crap; and I mean CRAP about Vivian Kaplan, I am compelled to report Andy Schott aka Aaron Stephens with All FOR ONE HEALTH CARE to the media and OIG. Vivian Kaplan is a dear friend of the family and my mothers husband has known her since she was seven year old. She is honorable and trustwothy and lives to higher standards then most. Due to unfortunate circumstances, she wasa left no option, but to close Elite Home Health doors. Because of her misfortune she met Andy Schott through her marketing employee so she could safely place her patient census with another like service. However, unknowingly, her patients care was not given within her acceptable standard of care parameters. Once, Ms Kaplan realized who the real Andy Schott is it was too late. Ms Kaplan placed her 35 patients with All For One (AFO) and also told her staff to join AFO and made certain that her patients received continuity. Much to Ms Kaplans dismay, AFO re-staffed Elite’s transferrred census randomly and failed to effectively communicate to their patients. The sevice AFO provided was substandard. AHCA website reflects 9 complaits in 7 months. This is unheard of, but AHCA did not cite them on most. This is an atrosity and deteriorating patient safety. The local AHCA office needs to investigate the surveyor and demand her resignation. Only in South Florida! Thank heavens I practice medicine in New Jersey. Respectfully, Dr. Richard Klien

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