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All Motor's , Inc.

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Published: 05 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

All Motor’s, Inc. of Homestead, Florida, is not a trust worthy or reputable place to purchase a vehicle. I went there, mid-January, to inquire about a van they had advertised on their website. I took my father with me to check out the vehicle and test drive it. The sales person was “Juan”. After asking about the price of the van, the sales person told me the price listed would require a $2000 – $2500 down payment. I filled out the necessary paper work and was told that I was approved for financing, was given a monthly payment price, and told to bring back supporting documentation (ie. pay stubs, tax return, proof of address, and references). But to hold the financing, I needed to leave a deposit. I made a $300 deposit. Ten days later I returned with the remainder of the money down as well as the required documentation. When I arrived and ask to speak to “Juan”, no one knew who that was and said they didn’t know of a Juan who worked there. I was escorted back to the finance manager who said he didn’t have a record of my file or paperwork and that it was probably in a pile of folders that were junked behind a door. He said it would be easier for me and him if I just filled out the application again. By this time, which took nearly an hour, I had to leave to pick up my children. When I returned, they were trying to pawn off another van on me which I had not wanted. I told the sales person that I did not want that vehicle and I just wanted a refund of my $300 deposit. after more waiting around, the finance manager came back into his office and said that I was approved for financing. This time though, the price per month was higher than what I was told 10 days prior. and on top of that the price of the car was more than doubled. I simply stated, repeatedly, that I no longer wanted the vehicle, just my $300 deposit. The finance manager said that I would have to return the next day when the manager “Robert” would be there. I came back the next day and spoke to “Robert” and told him that I wanted my deposit back. He said, “Just for future reference, when you make a deposit on something, you don’t get that money back if you change your mind!”…….( HA!!! I’ve never gone to any business and if a deposit was put down and goods not exchanged, a refund was not returned; even if a portion was kept for cancelation, that’s understandable.) DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, GIVE YOUR MONEY TO All Motor’s, Inc. of Homestead. Apparently they have a reputation for doing shading business and taken advantage of people seeking a used car. I plan on seeking all forms of legal action that I can, to put these guys under. **Stay away from All Motor’s, Inc. of Homestead**

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