All Realty Services Inc of Orlando

All Realty Services Inc of Orlando

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Published: 12 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Lori Garey first contacted me by ordinary mail. As a non-resident land-owner in Florida holding the same parcel of land for 3 years, my contact details are easy to obtain from the County Tax Office. I do in fact want to off-load this vacant lot, so, after checking the business’s website, which at that time was All Realty Services LLC, I asked her about the process. She wrote: Friday 11th August 2019 RE; FLORIDA PROPERTY SARASOTA COUNTY–SANTONIAN TERR. Thank you for your response to our letter reguards to the above property. We are a Lic. Broker in Florida that specializes in the sale of vacant land in Fla. I can give you a range of the property sales of 15k to 20k US $’s is average. You would need to have an evaluation to get the closer amount. They would need to do an assessment on the land. We do all marketing and advertising for the sale. Our Realtor signs go up in the yard, and it would go into the MLS, that’s the multi listing system. We would handle everything thru the close of the sale. At no point would you need to be here to close this sale, as we represent you as the Broker. Please let me know of any questions. Friday 18th August 2019 North Port Charlotte in Sarasota county is a very nice developing area, I don’t see a problem with around the 10k, we mite be able to start a bit higher as well so we have a little wiggle room. We do not take less than you want for the property. It is a rural area so there are other vacant lots, however there are several homes in the area as well and new construction going on. The thing is the interest rates are down & sales have been very good this past year, if they start raising interest that’s when the market will slow again. Selling is a positive option. You will need the ITIN # for the sale, taxes , so if you want to get it now or at the close of the sale either is ok. I look forward to handling this property sale for you. Monday 29th August 2019 Yes, it [ a property valuation appraisal] will need to be done & will hold up the value to get you the best an highest price. You can use a major credit card Visa, MC, or Amex or you can do a wire transfer. You can send it to me via e-mail or If you want to do a wire transfer send to: All Realty Services of Orlando3160 Vineland Rd. Suite 5Kissimmee, Fl. 34746 To T.D. Bank NAWilmington DEAcct. 4254-3763-24 They will ask for a Swiff code: tdomcatttor I look forward to handling this sale for you. ME: I have since this last communication forwarded the required $US545 and documents for the marketing. I have had no further communication despite asking Lori for the ‘appraisal’ on 2nd, 23rd October. I am filing this report now primarily because I see some other consumer has been had in a similar fashion. I do not expect to see anything further in relation to this sale from this woman or her company. Undoubtedly the small capital value of the ‘appraisal fee’ makes one more vulnerable than one should be; also being non-American, nor even a resident Alien means I am less aware of the avenues I should investigate. I have used e-mailed the director listed on web-site in a gesture toward a possible bonafide company – but do not expect any communication from there. I shall go one step further and check out her Broker’s License which I note is not supported by an Identity Number, so probably is bogus.

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