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They are irresponsible and irritating.

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Published: 08 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

One of the most dangerous forms of pollution is Air Pollution. Mostly all of us are aware of the problems it causes. One of the major causes of air pollution is automobile exhausts. It is imperative to get the car checked for any harmful emissions, be it a new or an old car. Recently, I bought my very first car. After driving it for six months, as a responsible citizen of not only my country but also of the earth, I decided to get my vehicle inspected. Since I did not want to get my vehicle checked anywhere in a hurry, I took my time and did some research. I looked up for proper and reputed testing centres and that is when I found All Seasons Emissions. After reading about the testimonials on their official website, I decided to get my vehicle checked there. I had a terrible experience with the people at All Seasons Emissions. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.
I did not want to delay any further and thus I took my car to All Seasons Emissions as soon as I got a chance. Although the place seemed nice online, I was a little bit disappointed. I had to wait for almost an hour before an employee took notice and asked me about my problem. Since I had very little idea about it, I told him I was there for my car’s checkup. I told him about how there seemed to be some problem with the car’s exhaust and how it suddenly jolted sometimes when I applied the brakes after making a strange noise. I was told to wait and that is what I did.
After some time, a technician came and checked my car. He seemed to be a certified technician. After barely checking the car for a minute or two, he told me that it would need repairing as something was stuck in the exhaust pipe and how it would need a lot of work
It took him less than ten minutes and for that, I was charged an enormous amount. They were quite persistent about making the payment first. After the repairing was done, I drove out of there.
It had not been more than a week after the repairing when the car stopped running. I was puzzled because I was assured of the service that was provided to me at All Seasons Emissions. When I got the car checked by another technician, he told me that the previous servicing was not done properly and that led to the breakdown of the car in the middle of the road.
I had to get my car serviced again at a different place to make up for the damages caused by the technician at All Seasons Emissions. I would not recommend anyone to go to that place even for a regular checkup.  The people there don’t know about anything about professionalism. They don’t even care about their customers.

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