All Star Collision Aka Five Star Recyclery In New York And Kelly's Auto Parts In Minnesota

All Star Collision Aka Five Star Recyclery In New York And Kelly's Auto Parts In Minnesota

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Published: 20 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This possible scam is about two companies in different states. I requested a Used auto part (a spindle for a car) on the internet. The webpage sends your request to hundreds of different Junk yards around the USA. I get a email back with the lowest price from “Five Star Recyclery in Roselyn New York” and I call them to order it. I paid $90.00 for the part and shipping via Pay pal. Couple weeks later I recieve the part from Kelly’s Auto parts in Minnesota. By the weight of the box, I had the idea that it was the wrong part. The part I specifically said to the person in New York is that my car is a 1999 Hyundai Tiburon with no Anti-lock brakes, and it has four wheel disc brakes. I needed a Spindle for the rear Driver side. I cut open the box, took the newspaper packing, without touching the part, i observed that the part was actually a rusty front disc brake and I guess a hub or spindle for the front.. not rear and a castle nut(which is the wrong nut for my car) ziptied. I called Kelly’s auto parts and they said to send it back and we will refund you the money. So i sent it back paying extra $20.00 for shipping it back to Minnesota. They also said that They will call me when they recieve the part. And try to get the correct part. they said that the spindle would be $45 Couple weeks later, I recieved no calls. I call Kelly’s back and asked them the status of the right part and if they recieved the wrong part. They said yes “we will call you back shortly”. I recieved no calls. Two days Later I called them back they said “we are having trouble getting the right part out of the car, we will call you back within the hour” I never recieved the call. Couple days later I called them again, this time they said “we are not able to refund you because there was no marking by us and that this isn’t the part we actually sent you”. I told them that I never touched the part and would like the refund, he replied “I’ll get back with you later today”. I never recieved a call. Couple days later, i called back to hear the status of the problem.. he said “Our solution is that this part was not marked by us so it isn’t the part i sent you. I asked him who requested this part, he said I don’t know. I hung up then called him back, but it was another guy because the other guy was on lunch. I asked again to give me the information of the guy who told you to send the part to me and the description of the part. The guy said “all he told us is to send you a Spindle and thats it, he wasn’t really specific”. I requested his information and it was All star Collision NOT five star recyclery in Roselyn , New York and he only paid 50 DOLLARS! I called “chris” back from “ALl star collision” and immediatly asked him a question. ” Are you called by anything else besides all star collision?” he said “Yes, All star towing”. I replied “what about Five star recyclery?” he kind of mumbeled “ahh yes that too”. I told him the situation and he said that he will call me back. After five minutes he calls back telling me that he could do nothing because “there was no marking on the part” he also tell me that hes been doing business with them for 15 years and never had a problem. I told him that you charged me $90.00 and Kelly’s told me you paid $50.00 for the part. He replied “yeah well i can’t do anything about it”. So at this time, i felt like I’ve been scamed. Then I told him that Kelly’s said you weren’t really specific on the part description , he said “yeah well theres nothing i can do, you would have to deal with them”. Then he tells me they saw a picture of what they sent me and it didn’t match the picture he said “All i saw in the picture was a bunch of parts” I asked “whats in the picture?” he said again “just a bunch of parts”. At the moment I feel a little helpless because there giving me one answer “there is no marking on the part, we cannot refund you the money” John Zeeland, MichiganU.S.A.

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