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Published: 27 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I am the mother of a student with this driving school. I feel frustrated about the service provided by one of your “behind-the-wheel” teachers, who was supposed to give my daughter’s driving class. After the driving class, when I picked up my daughter at your school, I found her crying, saying that the teacher had treated her in a very impolite, unkind, mean, and racist way!!!. After listening to my daughter I called to your office and there was nobody at that time to help me, so I left messages in your voicemail and waited until Monday, when one of your assistants called me. And I explained her all what my daughter had told me, and the way she felt during the two hours spent with your trainer during her driving class. The Manager never returned my calls. Here are the facts: From the beginning of the class, this teacher put so much pressure on my daughter, blaming her for not taking the second class earlier, which is not my daughter’s fault, since you they did’t have room earlier to take the class. Since my daughter barely could hear the trainer instructions, because she talked very low and with an accent, the trainer asked my daughter many questions like how much she had got in her English class (which definitely is not her business), but still my daughter had to tell her school grades on English, but the trainer continued blaming her, telling her that she had to speak English to take the driving test, but in a very impolite manner. Which was cruel, and here I doubt about the capabilities of this woman to train, why the trainer doesn’t know that the DMV applies the behind-the-wheel test in many different languages, including Chinese and Spanish???. She asked my daughter about how much time she had spent driving, which my daughter answered more than 50 hours (I have been driving with my daughter, supervising, and recording her driving hours, and she has made more than 70 hours of practice). But every time that my daughter made a mistake (due to the same pressure, anxiety and stress that this teacher put on her), the teacher made fun of her saying 50 hours ha!, which can’t be accepted from a teacher who is there to train, teach, and help, not to make fun of her student. This trainer asked my daughter for how long she has been living in this country, which again, is not her business, and it is not part of the driving class, but my daughter answered 2 years, then she was sarcastic and said: ahhh, 2 years. In summary, I am afraid that this woman committed a kind of abuse to my daughter, when she conducted an interrogatory and blamed my daughter, who is only a teenager, adding that she showed a racist attitude toward her, making fun of her, and blaming her everytime she made a mistake, resulting from her nervousness and anxiety by being aside that woman. The teacher shouldn’t have to ask my daughter about her grades, about her Nationality, about the time she has been living in this country, or anything like that. The teacher should be there only to HELP, PROVIDE SUPPORT, AND ASSIST HER IN HER DRIVING CLASS, but not for putting pressure on my daughter making her feeling embarrassed, and making fun of her.- The teacher’s attitude towards my daughter during her second driving class, provoked that my daughter felt so nervous, anxious, stressed and embarrassed to a point that her mind was mixed and she could not concentrate on the trainer’s instructions, and as reported by my daughter, she only wanted to get out of the car and run away from that woman. And she stayed up until midnight crying and feeling so bad about this miserable treatment. I definitely didn’t pay in advance for a class where the teacher has been abusive and overbearing. As a DMV approved driving school, All Star should be attached to what it claims in its marketing slogan All Star strives to maintain a high level of satisfaction in the professional services provided to its students, We strive to make available to every student an atmosphere that is pleasant and safe to learn in, and it should look for the client’s full satisfaction, as every service provider does. I feel frustrated about this situation, and I am still waiting to receive an answer from the Manager, with regards to this abuse suffered by my daughter. By the way, when my daughter took her driving test, she passed it at the first time, with only 3 mistakes, and I have evidence of that. In addition, when I told one of the ALL STAR assistants that I was going to file a report on them, she only said that I am wellcomed to do that. A worried mother La Verne, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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