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All Star Motivation

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Published: 09 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

So these guys arrived in South Lake Tahoe recently and apparently were not on good behavior. One of their first stops was recorded by the proprietor of the business they went to. Where they ended up threatening and harassing a pregnant woman! I’m not making this up. Here’s a recount from the pregnant lady: | “Holy mackerel Tahoe people, yesterday threw this pregnant lady for a loop. It has been a very long time since I have had a person attempt to intimidate me in my shop (at Swiss Chalet.) The rooster chest puff, verbal threats, plus fake out jolts ….just in attempt to make me flinch in fear. I start dialing sheriffs department, When I did not act afraid, his anger techniques escalated to start walking toward me too “puff up” in front of me…to show how big he was (I am 5’2″.) I stepped forward (to show how pregnant I am) …toward him to back myself out of a corner. | Some how as I stepped forward, he stepped out the front door. I slammed/locked it, while he punched the door over and over…. The whole shop shook! My poor clients in the station were shocked and scared. It took over an hour for my nerves to calm down. | All of this, because I told this man to leave the studio if he wasn’t there to get a tattoo. I told him if he is selling something he needs to leave. He said he is there to just watch (absolutely not happening ) He preceded to beg my attractive client for her phone number so he can give her a free sample later. He is from Las Vegas selling perfume/cologne out of this black with white lettering four door car/ license plate OWTLAWS . Another man is traveling with him, after I was sure the angry man was gone, I “waddled” over to Buttermuffin and his friendly companion was attempting to sell cologne to the counter guys at Buttermuffin. I saw them both leave in this vehicle.” | It then appeared that these a**holes hadn’t had enough, and continued to harass citizens around the community. | “So weird, I saw this guy (black male) when going into the thrift store and he was trying to stare me down as I drove passed him into the parking lot. Wonder what his deal is..” | “Oh my god!!!!! They accosted my me and my son at Mings in Carson!!!! Tried to get me to go up to their car…when I told them to eff off, they approached my CHILD!!!!!” | “They scared me!!! The women in front of the place I was going told me that they followed me into the parking lot and waited for me…then got aggressively pushy when I told them to kick rocks….a**holes 100%” | “OMG! Was just at Safeway and saw one of the guys there. I was just about to checkout but he tried to solicit me in the TP aisle; got my attention by pretending to kick off his shoe. I alerted the ladies at checkout, but he had already walked out the door. GROSS!!! Get this garbage OUT OF OUR TOWN! He had his little perfume bags with him….” | I don’t know who these guys are, but their behavior is terrible. Don’t come back to Northern Nevada please.

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