All State Van Line Relocation

All State Van Line Relocation

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Published: 17 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Had contacted All State Van lines Relocation Services to assist with a move from Tx to Fl. Spoke several times to my assigned agent of the company about move and the inventory. Over the past month I had changed my inventory steadily decreasing the amount to be moved. I had advised the company of the changes. I actually gave exact measurements of furniture And the cubic feet of the boxes I had to reserve the space on the truck that was moving us. Included in the move was an expensive 70 inch TV. I initially told the agent about the TV and stated that this was expensive and needed to be packed professionally. I was assured the mover were professional and could handle everything. 3 days prior to move an inventory sheet was sent again…it was all wrong. Not one measurement was used nor were the number of boxes changed. Representative Chad Stewart was called and his comments were that there was no need to be upset…the inventory is not important….we go by weight. It does not matter what is written on the inventory sheet. We were then told that the movers would be at our home on Thursday around 3 pm. Wednesday night (the night before) we get a call at 9:30 pm that the movers were on their way to move the items out of the house. This is a residential area and I am sure my neighbors were sleeping along with kids having to go to school the next day. Who in their right mind would move a home full of possessions in the middle of the night?!? I told the movers no…not going to happen and they stated then they would be at the house by 8 am Thursday. They arrive at 9 am on Thursday in a Hertz rent a truck with a uhaul trailer attached behind it. I was told that a moving company would be moving my furniture. Not rented vehicles with no professional driver. The driver spoke English the other man was older and small and barely spoke English. The first thing done upon entering the house was to view the TV. I was told that there was no TV on the inventory an it would be $400 extra to pack and move. I was then told my inventory was wrong so it would be more money too after they assessed the extra boxes. I asked were the moving truck was…I was told there was no moving truck…that is it. I was then told the rental truck would be loaded with my belongings and then drI end to Houston were it would sit. I asked how did it get to Fla? None of the movers had an answer other than none of them have ever been to Florida and the driver is not licensed to drive commercially out of state. They could not tell me why it would go to Houston or how long it would be in Houston. I then told the movers they would not be touching my property and to please leave my home. They had no idea what to do and the Hispanic gentleman then began to try to negotiate the packing and prices. I reiterated that there was a breach in contract and to please leave my property. The movers went outside and sat in the truck for about an hour before finally leaving. I immediately call the company and spoke to Chad Stewart over the phone who suddenly developed a bad case of amnesia and could not recall the conversations we previously had had and what services were paid for. Mr. Stewart suddenly stated that inventory was not important it was weight…if I send the movers away I will lose my deposit of over $1300.00. I stated that the contract was breached. We were blatantly and repeatedly lied to and I wanted my deposit back. Mr. Stewart continued to try to say just let the mover take your property. I told him again that his company lied and misrepresented facts on the contract . Mr. Stewart did not listen nor did he care what I had to say. He had no skills in problem solving and was very rude and disrespectful when he could not recall his own conversation two days prior to this incident. I refused all services and want my deposit back do to breach of contract.i would never recommend this service. They are blatant liars who make no effort to resolve issues. Where your furniture goes ands sits around….who knows. I am disappointend in myself for not researching this company better…they have a terrible track record and apparently have no integrity. The company is a sham!

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