All-Steel Carports Muncie

All-Steel Carports Muncie

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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I tried to give the benefit of the doubt here sadly here I am 2 months later with what to show for it? Read on if you are curious… My install was scheduled, they called to reschedule for the following week, I was in no rush at the time so I was fine with that, the new install date came and they rescheduled once again and when they arrived they showed up 3 hours late. The team that arrived was a 3 man team of gentlemen that spoke not a word of English but instead communicated only by hand gestures. I had already been away from work for 3 unnecessary hours at this point and after calling the main office in Muncie they said to go ahead and mark the area and I could head out, my presence was not required. A few hours later I received a call from my home that they were having trouble and needed some bricks to level the unit with, I told them I would be right over. I arrived and had noticed it was in the wrong place and was glad I had arrived, I instructed them the best we could considering the language barrier where it had to be to match my zoning ordnance which mind you is 3.5 feet further back than where it ended up at currently. He nodded in understanding and I followed up with asking what size bricks that were required to complete the leveling and he showed me by hand a roughly width of 8″ and height of 6″ and asked for 4 (thankfully I do know a bit of Spanish numbers) I provided 8 just incase. My wife called me when she got home from work which is before me and said I should probably head home. I arrived to what would be the next 2.5 months of headache to come. When I got home in had found that they had installed in the correct place left to right but it is several feet too close to the road. I could see right under the front of the unit right into the inside all the way to the back with the doors shut. They had dug trenches which they did not fill so huge puddles collect inside of the unit now and on the outside. As I continue to inspect I notice as well that they took the brick pavers off from around my shed and SHATTERED them to use in attempt to level the unit further. I called straight away and got a voicemail to which I left. The following day I waited until late afternoon to call them once again after the day had passed and received no call. I explained in the same details previously mentioned what had happened, the woman I had spoken to was shocked and promptly told me “Well we have some good install teams and we have some bad ones I am sorry you got one of the worse teams, let me get you to our head of Customer Service, I am so sorry.” I then explain the same situation to the new gentlemen on the phone. He assures me he was sorry for the experience and they will make sure it’s taken care of that they will have someone back up the following week. I thank them for being prompt and willing to resolve the situation. The following week passes and I see no one, I call on that Friday and get another apology, assured they will be here the following week. Another week passes, same Friday conversation happens again on the now second week. The third week comes and goes and I don’t call, the fourth week arrives I wait until the end of the week which is now a full month later and I get shuffled to a new person I have not spoken to, have to explain the entire situation once again and am told “Well we will see if there is anything we can do about moving it” now I realize what’s about to happen. Week five I am on the phone with the local company who retails this companies products and let them know not only am I disappointed that their customer service is so poor that the don’t even bother to check and see how things were after spending almost $7000 and then tell them the whole story as well, they stumble over themselves to figure out how to respond and what to do and say they will call me back. Another week passes and I hear now from the financial division of the company who asks how my experience was and how I like the new unit and I explain the whole story to them as well to which they are shocked and say they will see what they can do to help. Another week passes we are on week 7 now and I get a call assuring me that in two weeks from the call they will be at my residents moving the unit. They call to confirm the dates for the 1st 2nd or 3rd of December. I have waited now an ample amount of time to share my experience hoping that it would have been fixed or turned around. Well now it’s 7pm on the 3rd and I look out at my window knowing any day now the board of zoning will stop taking my excuses and the fines will begin on the unit in my drive out of bounds and still not moved. Over the entire duration of this event I have received 3 phone calls from this company. They will not see my business ever again but they will receive the forwarded invoice from the company I’m going to have to hire to move this building myself.

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