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Published: 11 September 2018

Posted by: sportster10302

I ordered a storage shelter on 9/20/13 from America’s classic buildings in Missourri. I was very concerned when ordering one of these carports without seeing one just like it but took the chance because the dealer reasured me of what a great company allsteel carports was so i proceded with the order. I was told that they had great costomer service and cared about their buildings. One question i asked was who would put the building up and i was told that it was licensed contractors. I was told that allsteel was at a 2-3 week wait time, to deliver my building. I did not hear from allsteel until the 4th week of ordering, which I dealt with. I was then told that my building would be delivered on 10/15/13 anywhere between 5 and 8 in the morning. I said sounds good i will take a day off from work so i could be here to see the construction. No one ever showed up. At 9:30am i called and talke to a lady named jeniffer and told here that noone was at my house yet. I was told they were still working on the building that they started yesterday. By this time the rain moved in and i was told that they might show up in the afternoon or between 5 and 8 am on the 16th. No phone call at all was recieved from allsteel. I waited at home on the 16th til 10:30 am and noone once again showed. I called jeniffer from allsteel again and proceded to tell her that noone has showed, she couldnt understand why they were not there. She call ed the contractors and told me that they were down one worker and they were still at the other building they started on monday. Jeniffer then proceeded to tell me that the contractors were new to the business, they didnt have the hang of it yet and were very slow. This alarmed me thinking i ordered a $4, 500 building did i want these contractors constructing it and messing it up? So i started to get frustrated with the whole situation. She reasured me they would do good work so i asked when they would be here and she said they were going to drop the building that they never finished before mine and put up mine. 12:45pm came around and they finally pulled up to my house. Two full fledge mexicanscame out of the truck which had no company name or anything on the side of it to resure me that they were a licensed contractor. I proceded to ask them why they were so late and they could barely speak a word of english. I asked where my building was on the trailer and they showed me and some of the tin was already cut on. So i asked why and they said thats what allsteel gave them. I proceded to ask if they were scraps from another job that were going to be used on my building but got no answer. There was no protection over the tin from getting scratches from travel. It was all thrown on top of each other. So i called Jenniffer and asked her about it and she started getting very ugly over the phone about the whole situation and basically told me they are there to put the building up. I asked how long the building would take to be put up and i was told 2 days. Originally i was told 3 to 4 hours. I had to go to work at 3pm and was not very happy about not being able to be home. I was told that it could be another 3 weeks before they could even come back, so i was going to let it get put up if they were going to warranty everything and i was told by jeniffer that they did not warranty the workmanship of the contractors putting it up. By this time the contractors started leaving. I was asked if wanted to reschedule a time and at that point i said not at this time and asked for a manger to contact me. (before it even got this far i asked to speak to a manager and kept getting told that there wasnt one available); No one ever contacted me for a few days until i called the dealer and told her what a horrible expierence i had. The dealer told me that she was going to contact the owner for me. Jeniffer called me finallly ( not the owner or even a manager) and asked me to reschedule the week of the 29th but it wasnt for sure if it would even happen becuase they had to have a full schedule. She also told me it wasnt going to be when i would be home for work. They didnt want to work with me at all!! I told them they should drive down here and put my building up right away since they failed to deliver when they were suppose to and they began to say it wasnt worth it for one building. A manager did finally contact me and was very rude, i canceled my building at this point. the dealer called me back of course because she lost the sale and tried to resure me that this has never happened before and it was a fluke deal and i should set my emotions aside and reschedule. I refused i WAS PROMISED A SERVICE AND RECIEVED TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. All they kept telling me was they were the best company out there and all the other ones dont show put things up wrong and so forth and i told them at this point they did the sane thing to me and they were just as bad. THEY NEVER MADE IT RIGHT. I REFUSE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY and hope this will help you avoid the trouble i went through. I was not the only person that this happened to appereantly there were 5 other building that either were put up wrong or werent delivered. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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