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Published: 30 July 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I needed to hire a contractor to complete a shower remodeling job. I found All Together Construction through a mailer, and even looked up his rating on Rabbit Ratings and on the BBB. Although he had an excellent rating with Rabbit Ratings, there was no rating at all with the BBB. My first warning should have been that All Together Construction was not accredited by the BBB. Despite this, I chose to believe in the Rabbit Rating, and signed a contract on May 25, 2018 with All Together Construction to complete a shower remodeling job. At that time, I gave Ken Adams, the general contractor, a deposit of $3011 in the form of a check that he cashed on May 27, 2015. Cashing that check in 2 days time was the only timely thing he has done. To be fair, he did indicate that he was finishing up “a big kitchen job” and would not be able to start my project until June. But when I had not heard from him by mid-July, I contacted him. He insisted that “the big kitchen job” was taking up more time than he anticipated, and he would try to start my job soon. He did come to my house a couple of times over the next 4 weeks, but then kept giving excuses as to why he couldn’t make it. These excuses included finishing “the big kitchen job”, becoming ill, and others. Finally, I filed a complaint with the BBB in October 2015, and asked for my depost back, since it was now clear that he would never finish my job. He promised to figure out a payment plan to repay my deposit. He said he would repay me $100 each month. I chose to accept a small amount of money each month, rather than demand payment in full and risk not seeing any money at all. Since October 2015, I have received 3 payments (out of 9 months). I have to text him every month to ask when I will receive my payment for that month. When I texted him in April 2016, he admitted he didn’t have the money to cover the payment that month, but would pay me $200 on May 10. Not surprisingly, he has not made a $200 payment this month. To make matters worse, he has now stopped responding to my texts. My story is the same as several complaints I have read today, which is why I am writing this review. I thought my situation was unique in that he ran into some troubles, couldn’t complete my job, and was down-on-his-luck financially. I now see that he has done this same thing with at least 3 other people who have filed complaints on this site and with the BBB, and probably many more who have not filed formal complaints. (Incidentally, I would love to speak with some of the other people Ken Adams has wronged. Is there a way for us to contact each other to join forces?) Please do yourself a favor, and DO NOT hire All Together Construction or Ken Adams. Don’t believe the Rabbit Ratings. I have learned my lesson and will always use the BBB or Angie’s List when hiring a contractor.

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