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Published: 04 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Eric Bordeaux (((REDACTED))) To whom it may concern: I worked for a flatbed trucking company for a period of about 8 months. I actually worked for this company 2 times the first time it was Azda logistics. This company was actually ahut down by the DOT. They then started specialized solutions located at 2810 S. Canal RD lansing MI Suite 3 48917. Itu2019s my understanding that the father actually owns the company and the 2 brothers Anvar Akhmedov and Dave Akhmedov. Anvar he runs the main operations and they threaten drivers to break the law, drive when itu2019s elegal to do so, threaten to leave you all over the country, threaten to dock your pay. Prior to me leaving they had docked my pay $1100 and 7 months ago when I left I did not get a last pay check. At this point I filed a claim with the Dept of labor hour and wage division. My original flame was for $4332.00 an investigation was done by the hour and wage division and even though I think Iu2019m owed more they came up with $ 2933.98 that the company owes. Theyy have sent the company notices and then the company decided to ask for a appeal hearing which again this was done at their request and the date for this was on the 6TH. They did not even show up for this hearing. As a result they lost in default. Since I have attempted to request for the company to pay me. Iu2019ve been badgered, threatened and aperently Anvar seems to think he can offer me $800 to settle this out. I have made it very clear that he had an option to fight the actual amount owed and h e did not show up. In addition to this truck drivers have whatu2019s called a DAC report. This is were wh3n you get a job other companies can check your history. I performed my duties as I was suppose to. I did the best job considering what I was up against that I could. The bottom line is if they are not held accountable, they will not only do this to me but who ever else they can. I know you guys help people who have issues like this and Iu2019m asking you to not even expose the company but put pressure on them so they will pay me. Todayg alone Iu2019ve been bad mouthed and treated by Anvar. The bottom line is they owe the. Okey. I have posted reviews on the company in the past but this is still not enouph. I am gonna see if I can file a complaint with the Attorney general, BBB, and whatever else i.can do. I would like you to do a story and put some pressure on them so maybe they will stop the non sense and simply pay me. This is allot of mo key and I deserve to be paid..please help me. Thank You Yours Truly Eric Bordeaux Attached is text messages I have received froim Anvar, also pics of the court documents Please please help as I think your helpl will get them tol pay me. Again I deserve to be paid bottom line They not only have been ordered to pay $2933.98 but also 10% per annum penalty of $0.80 per day commencing 02/09/2017. This I s what comes to me in addition which this goes to the hour and wage division is a civil penalty of $1000.00 of un paid wages and fringe benefits not to exceed $1000. They are costing them selves more and more money daily. They clearly donu2019t care. Ik can pray you help and I think this will get me paid Iu2019ve emailed the mayor of Lansing and his office, MI governor Rick Snyder, the president. And I will email who ever else I can think of again I just want to be paid. I do not deserve all this

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