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Published: 18 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Good Morning, Corporation based in State of Maryland All Tune and lube International, Inc. in my case engaged in misrepresenting of facts, business misconduct, conspiracy and frod. After contacting them on add based on several sites with the same context, development specialist worked with me to convince me invest in ATL. After submit ion of application I was informed I am qualified for this franchise. Based upon this statement I signed and submitted contract with deposit of 11,000$. Three days later after they hold my contract and deposit I was informed by Development specialist that I am not eligible for loan to provide financing, but I can purchase standing unit, which is for sale. I visited the site and informed ATL that I am not interested in this location and I want refund my deposit as they faulty qualified me for business I am not financially not qualified. But response is I can have this location if I will put out about 50,000$ ( originally I before signing talked about 25,000$ as on theirs add). Following dead end conversations with their Development Specialist who was all the time only person communicating with me I had contacted the President of ALT Kevin Magnuson. He followed the same cons pirating talk making every possible excuse to explain how I was overqualified and few days later I am not qualified no longer and also denied refund my deposit. Last time conversation directed that I would buy my own ship with out their assistance. As visible this company dozen’t relay providing any assistance as advertised and all they business practices are pure business scam. Please, I urge you to take an action before there is more damages coursed to non suspecting investors. I urge all affected investors from past to file complaint against this outfit at and also on sentinel database on this side so criminal investigation can be conducted and master-mind of this schema punished to all extends of law. Best Regards, P. still in America but not for long if this goes by as usualy does. Pavel Azusa, California U.S.A. .

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