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Published: 05 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

All well Staffing is such a Rip off! I first applied with them in 2013, at the time I found out I was pregnant and wasnt able to work. When i was ready to work in 2014 I contacted Betsy Montalvo, where she had me fax and scan over all of my documents. I never met her in person i guess now I understand why. Not to mention I spent $42 to be exact just to fax and scann my documents to her, and for a person who was out of work at the time it was a lot of money for me to lose. Ok so after that i never heard from her again. I would call her, leave voicemails and emails and no response what so ever. I let it go and didnt bother dealing with them. I was currently looking for work and on 06/23/15 out of the blue around 12pm I get a phone call from Ms Betsy Montalvo, so i explained to her i havent heard from her when I needed her help and she said “Im calling you now” I was like ok, she explained that she had a position for me and if I am looking for work, and of course me having a bigger family now and desperately seeking for work i said yes. Ok so the process starts, she stated she had my file in front of her and all she needed was my updated resume. I sent it to her, and one of her collegues sent me an email stating they needed some more documents in which i would have to fax once again. So I did. The next couple of days I find myself calling her and asking her what is my status because according to her i was suppose to start right away. She never confirmed when i was suppose to start. She only told me that the hospital i was being placed approved my resume. So i was excited about that, but she never would call me to let me know when i can officially start. After speaking to her for the last time she told me i was suppose to start working for sure on a tuesday. Monday comes around and guess what no phone call, so of course I call her to find out and NO Answer! i told myself this cant be happening again where she dissapears. I understand she may be busy but she is not professional at all. Today is now wednesday 07/01/15 and no phone call once again. I decide to call and speak with someone else regarding my issue. I spoke with someone named Maria and she stated she will speak with Betsy Montalvo and find out what is going on. SHe takes my name and number and says she will call me back. Once again couple hours later no repsonse. I decide to call again myself and to my disbelief the number in whuch it is the main company number is OUT OF SERVICE! I could not believe this, why would someone do this to a person. This is my life and family we are talking about. I didnt contact her she contacted me so how is this FAIR? if the job wasnt available its ok she could have just told me. Why ignore me like that, very unprofessional. I never delt with people like this in my life. .

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