Allen Park Martial Arts Center

All they do is humiliate!

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Published: 16 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I always had a soft corner for martial arts in my heart and enjoyed watching this sport. It was time now that I should go ahead choosing it as my career option, therefore I decided to learn martial art as an amateur. After a lot of searching through various websites, I decided to join the Allen Park Martial Arts Center because the place seemed very well in papers and had good reviews all over it. The center seemed impressive and interesting to me until I got myself admitted into it. It was not what it appeared on their website, I totally disagree with the fact of this place being the best. Firstly the payment system was very complicated as they never seem to understand that I was a student and does not earn too much to pay at once. I requested them for making the payment every month but this was against their rules and regulations. I was passionate enough to give the amount of money at once even though I had to borrow some of it from my friend. After the payment issue got over the real trouble began. I was given a demo class on the first day and was introduced to each and every one of my fellow mates. It felt good at first and the instructor seemed to be good until a week passed by and he started showing his true colors. During the second week, I was introduced with the new steps and postures to be performed. The instructor wanted to give an example and needed a volunteer, I being very fond of this sport wanted to be a part of it and make my trainers impressed, therefore, I decided to volunteer. I was very excited to do so. He called me up on the stage and all of a sudden he thrashed me down to the ground. He did this without even informing me. I felt a lot of pain and my left leg hurt so much, but I had to be tough so I got up again and stood by when he again started approaching towards me and even after telling him to stop he picked me up and threw me down. This was the worst I could ever expect from a trainer. Other students started to laugh at me and made me feel humiliated too. Due to the pain in my legs, I wasn’t able to walk properly for the next few days, therefore I had to skip my classes for the same. When I attended the next class the instructor instead of apologizing for the previous day started being rude and gave me lectures to me and told me that “martial arts aren’t for weak lads like you, you should stop learning this sport and spend time staying home helping your mother in household works.“ I had to cancel my subscription regarding the behavior of the instructor and the staff members. My sentiments were hurt very badly and I would never suggest anyone join the Allen Park Martial Arts Center.

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