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Published: 13 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I called Allen & Sons in mid November to repair my refrigerator which was over cooling on the fridge side, under cooling on the freezer and had an error message on the digital display. We were usually able to fix it temporarily by unplugging the fridge and plugging it in again. But our fix would only last a few hours so I decided to get a professional to repair it. Their employee Larry said that parts and labor to fix my refrigerator would be $400. The price was steep but It took about a week to get him out to my house and I eager to get it fixed I wanted to avoid buying a new refrigerator. After giving his estimate, he charged me for the parts and set an appointment for about a week later. We pretty much always had to wait about a week between appointments. He told us to get all of our food out of the refrigerator because it had to be 100% defrosted before he could work on it. Then his company canceled the appointment and rescheduled for the next day. I explained to his company that our food wouldn’t last that long in coolers and asked if they had anyone else who could do it and they said no. As a result of us putting our food in coolers on ice, we lost about half of our food. When he finally showed up, I asked him if he had the flu and he said he needed the day off because of his stress and that he was the only person who knew how to fix an LG refrigerator. It appeared to work whenever he was finished so we signed his acknowledgement that the services were performed to our satisfaction but a few hours later, it always stopped working again and the error message came back. I called them and let him know. They came back and while Larry was on the phone with LG’s tech support, he was instructed that they would need another part. So, he had to order that part and came back again. When he came back, he complained to me about how he had difficulty regarding getting his cellphone and car repaired. I told him that I knew how he felt. Refrigerators, cars, and cellphones are not human bodies. They are man made devices which can be built from the ground up if given the proper parts and knowledge concerning how to put them together to make them function together as a complete unit. When I hire a professional, I expect them to have the knowledge regarding how to repair things and the parts to make the repairs possible. If they don’t have either, I expect them to have the integrity to either inform me upfront without charging me or giving me a refund for not doing the work I paid them to do. Allen & Sons came to my house a total of 4 times over the period of a month. The repair man had to call my refrigerator’s manufacturer’s tech support every time. They took my money without performing the service that they accepted no responsibility. They offered nothing but excuses when I asked them for a refund. They refused to refund me for anything and hung up on me when I asked them for a refund. I paid $400 for nothing! I would not recommend this company to anybody.

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