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Published: 01 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

In August of 2007, my son and I purchased a 1997 Chevy S-10 SS model pickup truck from Allens Auto Sales. I should have known better than to buy anything from a “buy here/ pay here” type of establishment, but my son wanted the truck because he liked the particular model. We took it out for a test drive and it ran great. Every thing worked except for the air conditioning. The only other apparent thing was the ABS light on the dash which the car lot said was sensor problem on the rear wheel. No big deal and easy to fix. Upon further inspection I noted that the oil was very dirty, the radiator fluid looked more like water than anti-freeze and there was a rust colored stain all over the front of the engine. I inquired about this and was informed that the water pump had been replaced because the old one was leaking. I asked if the engine had been run hot and was assured that it had not. I told my son of my concerns but told him that the truck appeared to be okay and the price was right. It only had 112,000 miles and was in pretty good shape considering. We bought the truck and that is when the night mare began. I could kick myself for doing it a thousand times, but it would not do any good. The first day we had it, a brake line burst on the front brakes. Easy enough to fix and I told my son little things like that are to be expected when you buy “used” vehicles. After the brake line, the truck ran well for ONE WEEK almost to the day. Then on Sunday at midnight, my phone rang. “Dad, my truck has over heated” my son said. “It looks pretty bad”. It had over heated alright. It had three inches of water in the oil pan. After checking, we found that it had a blown head gasket, blown intake gasket, and the engine was irreparably damaged. I went to the dealer and asked for help with the repairs since it had only been ONE WEEK. He said there was nothing he could do. We had bought it “as is” and the repairs were ours to handle. To make a long story short, this truck has been on the road maybe three weeks out of the last six months since we bought it. We replaced the engine, radiator, fuel pump, and starter. We have it in the shop right now being repaired and the total for “our repairs” is now almost equal to the original purchase price. Upon doing some checking, I found out the Allens Auto sales has had numerous problems with customer complaints previously. They do not check out their autos before placing them on the lot for sale and they only repair the obvious problems. Therefore, IT IS BUYER BEWARE when dealing with these guys. Speaking for my self, I will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THESE GUYS AGAIN and I advise any one who does do business with them to make sure you do your homework. Check out the vehicle thoroughly and have it checked by a trusted mechanic. If you see, hear, or smell anything suspicious about it, DON’T BUY IT NO MATTER WHAT YOUR TOLD. I made a mistake this time, but I won’t be doing it again. Incidentally, we have made all our payments just as our agreement with the dealer said in spite of what I think is quite dishonest dealing on the part of the dealer. I suppose we will just have to “eat it” and learn from the mistake because even though Florida does have a “lemon law” it does not apply to used vehicles in my understanding. If any one knows different, please let me know. Preacher Winter Haven, FloridaU.S.A.

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