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Alliance Bernstein Collegebound Fund Review

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Published: 14 March 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The Alliance Berstein College Bound Fund is a total rip off. They are charging exorbinate fees that you don’t even see. Whether you earn a positive return or a negative return they are deducting a high percentage management fee against your account. You can actually lose money you save with them. When you go to finally evaluate their performance, realize that they are pitiful and decide to leave them. They charge you again, fifty bucks per account, to move – even to a qualified college savings account. These guys are hurting college kids whose parents are trusting that they are a good investment when you may be better off putting cash in the mattress than with these guys. Do yourself a favor. There is a great web page about good performing and fair college bound funds. One of the best rated was Georgia’s . Very low fees, automatically adjust with time, does not kill you with fees.

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