Alliance Inspection Management - Infiniti Financial Service IFS - Nissan

Alliance Inspection Management - Infiniti Financial Service IFS - Nissan

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Published: 01 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Turned my 2006 G35 in at a competitor with minor wear and tear in November 2008. Received notice in APRIL 2016 that I was assessed $891.00 for excessive wear and tear. I contacted Infiniti’s Customer Service Call Center to determine the reason for the charge. The representative, was able to list 10 items that were cited on the Vehicle Inspection Report. Of the items cited some were accurate, but many were not. Some of the items listed “previous repairs,” as the reason for a charge — including areas that were never damaged, nor repaired. I informed them that I had two minor accidents (both when the vehicle was parked in a parking lot), and that all damage was repaired professionally and guaranteed by my insurance as well as the company that performed the repairs, and I had receipts to prove it. The rep told me to send copies of the receipts, and repair paperwork so it could be taken into consideration. After I gathered the information I called back, and reached a different representative “Shantell,” who told me that I could send whatever I want, but they were not reversing any charges. I spoke with her supervisor, “Mike Wray.” I told him about my issue, and he responded that they would not be adjusting ANY of the cited items, despite my grievance that the inspection was inaccurate/unfair, untimely. I asked him why the original rep told me that they would take the repairs into consideration. He first said that she was incorrect, then said that sometimes the repairs are completed by Infiniti approved body shops, and those repairs were removable. He then told me it did not matter, because the claim was already decided, and the charges were not disputable. (At this point he still had no idea where my repairs were done.) I asked for a copy of any information/pictures/documentation that supported the claims and he told me he would fax me a copy of the inspection report within 30 minutes. (The fax was never received.) I also asked for no pictures or further information of any existed. I was told that no other documents exist ANYWHERE. When I finally received the inspection report in the mail, it listed only the area of the vehicle in question, type of issue, work necessary, and cost. (Ex. LR Door – Previous Damage – $220.00, LR Quarter Panel – Previous Damage – Wet Sand -40.00, etc). I contacted AIM inspections, as well as the Manheim Auction Center where the inspection took place, and was told that no further details or photos existed to substantiate any claim of excessive wear. Despite the Infiniti Wear and Use Manual, stating that digital pictures would be taken of the vehicle upon inspection — no photos existed. Since then I have attempted twice to contact upper level management, and have been passed on to a person with the title “supervisor.” Reps have named managers, however they are unreachable through the call center. NMAC/IFS claims that the inspections are all completed by an impartial 3rd party (Alliance Inspection Management). However after some conducting some research found articles stating that James Yates, CEO of AIM received the start-up money for AIM from Nissan when he was head of Nissan’s Remarketing Department. I am currently considering all legal options in resolving this matter. Normally I would simply pay the bill and be done with it, but I have a problem paying twice for the same repairs — especially when I was NEVER at fault. Fladriver954 Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaU.S.A.

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