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Allied Glass & Aluminum Products Ltd

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Published: 05 April 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Our Family Used Allied Glass to replace all of our windows , at the time we didnt have allot of money | so things were pretty tight but we needed these windows so we shopped around. My neighbor recommended using | so Highly Reputable Window Companies but they all were above are budget so we gave up. | Then we had some guy from Allied Glass Contact us and tell us he could do the job for half the cost of the other guys. | Yeh I know To good to be true right ? More like a preditor that knew what he was doing. | So we had Allied Glass Victoria come in and install just under $4000 worth of Glass in our home but something didnt feel right. | When they came to install the guys were parking in a handicapp parking stall the only one in our unit but I managed to look that over but when I entered the house the same guys had tracked mud all over the carpet. Really , take your shoes off and maybe park in the right spot to start… | So I kindly asked them to remove there shoes and It wasnt as easy as you think the guy say, “were Almost done ” | I mean this most have been the owners kid or something. So Im not one for confrontation so I let them finsh up and get this we just spent just under $4000 on New windows and these Guys from Allied Glass Victoria just walk out of the house like | leaving all the garbage mess and windows Filthy ! | If it was a $100 Job I might undersatnd but to eager to get to there next smoke they just left the house , thinking they would return but Nope they just left .. I guess when You pay upfront The jobs done before Its even started… | So it gets better and let me tell you Any positive review you see for Allied Glass is most likely a FAKE cause I have spoke with others in Victoria that have had simular Stories… | But It dosnt end there Only 2 Weeks after we have our new Windows Installed…Two of the Windows peieces of plastic start to fall off… I never heard of such a thing ! | So I contacted Allied Glass Victoria And after being Dodged for 2 Weeks with the regular , ” Oh He’s on Vacation He’ll get back to you ” , Oh He is not working this week ” I finally went into the Store ( And Its a rough place , not Ikea my friend ) | and surprise the guy Im looking for is working ! So I explain that the Windows Allied Glass Victoria Installed were no good could he take a look at them he said , ” In a few Weeks were backed up ” HUH ! | What The ? On the Site It says 24 Emergency Service ( Off Course theres No Contact for that 24 Emergency Service ) | So we wait and they same old one man crew ( Family ) comes to check out the windows and say there fine.. Umm excpet there not and could you please take off your shoes… | So No what ? I guess I just suck it up.. as a lesson learned That there are Bad Companies out there that have been arund for awhile but provide below average and questionable Service. Also Go with your instinct Allied Glass Victoria From the Start had all the red flags and Im not done yet… | – Avoided me after install | – Didnt Leave any info on Warranties ever Checked Up on How the Windows Were | – Lied about Many options that were never delivered on the day of install | – Ask for Full Payment Upfront ( Not a Deposit ) | – No Accountability , Was in and out the door before I could Blink | – Parke in Hadi Cap Stall the Whole Job | – Walked through the Home with Muddy Boots | – BBB is a pay to play company , you often see bussiness profile that there a BBB member but any company can just pay to be a member and still have a decent rating | But It gets worse Its only been 4 Months Now and the windows are Cracked ! Yep True Story | These Guys do not protect there clients or there customers they avoid you once the job is done and do not honor there | work at all or there craftsmanship… | I personally contacted them over and over and was only harassed and abbussed with language. | So I gave up. The Whole Experience Was awful with Allied Glass Victoria They Know it and Should Own it. | Be Professional, Allied Glass Victoria and dont be intimidated buy these guys people they have been gouging and profiting form quite locals for years. I hope this changes

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