Allison Winter

Allison Winter

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Published: 18 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Allison Winter aka “The Sea Witch” claims to provide psychic readings and workings within several traditions, including Sanse Vudu Espiritismo under the well-known fraudster, ‘Houngan’ Hector Salva. Hector Salva has been conning people out of their livelihoods for years, and now he has a parasitic presence outside of the USA – in this case, Australia.(see also aka Dale aka Soror XYZ has been scamming naive, well-intentioned people out of their money for years, and now claims to be a member of the African Diaspora, despite being a white woman initiated by a white man, into a very fringe form of service. SHE IS A SCAMMER. Winter charges huge sums for so-called workings or cold-read tarot readings, and even goes as far as to ask for donations from people in order to do “free” work. This sums her up entirely. Pay me to sit at home and live in a fantasy, while your life suffers.Winter has previously been aligned with the Ordo Templi Orientis and other fraternal/hermetic disciplines, and seems to go from one to another gathering victims as she goes. A complete narcissist and megalomaniac, Allison is the worst sort of plastic shaman. She claims initiation into Sanse Vudu, however this form of AC-diasporic religion is a modern creation entirely engineered to suck money from unsuspecting victims. It seems Hector did a successful recruiting drive in the Southern Hemisphere after much scandal in the USA… Winter is now located on the South Coast of New South Wales according to the latest information. On her website, she states: Now can I help you? My work with you is focused on helping become who you truly are, on finding and acting from your authentic self. This is not an easy journey and at times it’s pretty unpleasant, but if you are feeling the pull to break through the obstacles and barriers in your way, I can help you. If you are feeling confused, unfocused and don’t know what to do next in your life, I can help you. Some of the ways we can work together include: psychic tarot readings spiritual consultations training in Tarot and psychic development mentoring for spiritually-focused professionals who work in holistic/self help/care fields ceremonies for personal transformation Sanse Vudu Espiritismo ceremonies and Fets What happens during a reading or consultation? During a reading or consultation you can ask me anything! Ask me questions about your life or about your spiritual path, for example.Got questions about your spiritual or magickal practice? You can ask me those questions too. Need individual instruction on spell casting or on performing a magick ritual? I have many years of experience in witchcraft, ceremonial magick, Enochian magick and western esoteric Qabalah so perhaps I can help.Got a romantic or career dilemma? I can definitely help you.Want to know what is blocking you from financial success, health, achieving your goals etc? We can look at all those things.u200bJust need a Tarot reading? Got you covered. If you’re not sure if your question is something I might know about, just use the contact form and we can have a chat before you book your consult.How much does it cost? Phone readings:15 minute phone consult (good if you have just one question) – $2530 minute phone consult – $50Email readings:1-3 question email reading – $253-5 question email reading – $50If you would like to book and pay for an appointment, organise an email reading or discuss a personal ceremony or custom spiritual work, please get in touch – Contact. u200bI don’t use an automated payment and booking system as I prefer to connect with you first. I will send you a PayPal invoice which does not require you to have a Paypal account in order to pay it.$25-$50 FOR AN EMAIL!!! Other “Services” run into the hundreds of dollars!!! For nothing! Do not trust this woman with your money.Do not fall for a simple money making scam dressed as Afro-Caribbean religion.Allison Winter, Hector and everyone associated with them are to be avoided if you value your funds and self worth. A person has died in the ‘care’ of the scammer Hector. (see OTHERS HAVE BEEN SCARRED FOR LIFE. STOP THE PROPAGATION OF THESE SCAMMERS. MAY YOU NEVER ENCOUNTER HER, OR HER KIND. VICIOUS, MONEY-GRABBING CHARLATANS. MAY YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW.

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