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Published: 25 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I placed an order with on Aug.5 2006,On aug. 6 2006 they confirmed the order. On the following dates of Aug. 7 & 8 emails were sent to me , Stating problems with my order first -they did not have in stock THROTTLE BODY SPACER Part # c301001002 $89.28,and i could wait on backorder . I said no on the backorder and refund my Credit card. On Aug.8 2006 another e-mail stating another item not in stock #A76970025 Grill Insert Price $168.57 they did not have in stock,could wait on backorder, Once again i said no to backorder. They assured me each time I would receive credit for each item. I have called multiable times 1-800-859-0923 and have asked about my refund ? each time approx.5 times ,I have been told its being taken care of.On sept.9 2006 i called again now this is over a month with no credit, I asked again I was told i would be put on high priority (oooh !)and an e-mail would be sent to me. Guess what? No e-mail! I have called 3 times and still no credit or response! Today oct.02 2006 I called again asking whats up? I was told they would check into it-I asked is there a Phone number? I was told the credit department doesn’t have a phone number or an email address. But that they would make me a HIGH PRIORITY once again.But if i’m not satisfied i can write them at ALLOEM PARTS,INC. 92 YOUNGS RD. HAMILTON,NJ. 06819 But could not tell me WHO or WHAT DEPT. I am writing to. I am out $257.85 PLEASE HELP ME. Stuart Somewhere in, MinnesotaU.S.A.

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