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Allstate Auto Srv

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Published: 22 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The head mechanics name is Jody This man in my opinion is a complete moron and doesn’t belong in the automotive repair industry. On countless trys this company has cost me over 1500 dollars in repairs that were un-needed. I owned a 1990 nissan sentra that needed timeing work done to it. The first time I took it in, it had skipped timeing. No repair was done to it, the chain was just put back in place and timed. A week or so passed and I decided to go the beach with some girl, half an hour to 45 minutes down the road i hear a bang and my car lost engine power while doing 60 in the middle of the hiway. I pull over only to see my oil spilling out. Now i have to pay over 140 bucks to have my car towed back to the shop. Turns out the chain was worn out and broke. It was to loose that the chain was hitting the oil pump cover which in turn made me lose oil pressure which held the chain tight, which then finally broke the oil pump cover taking a visible chunk out of a solid peice of metel, and messed up some valves. I dont even need to tell you how much it cost to have all this fixed, just ask any auto repair person. So i finally get my card fixed AGAIN.. now this time i am told to bring my car back to get the oil filter changed because of metal that had flaked off. Now i should have payed more attention to that statment BUT at the same time i am confused by the fact he put a new window sticker on my car telling me to come back in 3000 miles. KEEP IN MIND HE KNOWS THAT I NEED THIS OIL CHANGE So I am on my way happy as can be knowing my car is fixed.. I bet you could tell there was more. Well i didnt take my car back after 500 miles, instead my car didnt even hit the 3000 miles that I like to wait for. I go to work and stop at a McDonalds and I sit in the line at the speaker. My cars just dies AGAIN. I tell the girl never mind my car died and proceeded to move my car to a parking spot. Get my car back to Jody and he tels me it will be a day to find out what happend. After a couple of days not knowing what happend, telling me maybe this maybe that. He FINALLY realizes the oil filter. Luckily only the chain broke and i wasnt charged for anything. WELL THERES MORE But not with this car but with My new car. Now i have a 2000 neon. This time My car is over heating big time in the middle of delawares major heat wave. I take my car to him ask him to see what is wrong with it. He says nothing that he can see and i tell him to change the coolent ($90) just in case. Ok its really hot out maybe it the heat and bad coolent. NOT SO. Its still over heating this time to the red zone. I ask him to check the thermostat. He says ok, comes back and says it flowing good and that he thinks its the head gasket, assuming the all neons have this problem he advises me to take it to the dealership for warrenty work. Take it in to the dealer, get a rental car which comes out of my pocket. Get a call back later in the evening saying my car is done and is as good as new. Turns out it WAS THE d**n THERMOSTAT. It seemed to be stuck in the middle so just enought coolent could get though with out a total meltdown. I call Jody up and tell him, he is shocked to know this, saying there is no way it could have been. Does he realise there there is a in between on a thermostat, not just an open and close. So even after I asked him to look at the thermostat he still could fix it. If anyone else out there has had problem with this company please say so.

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