Allure Bengals, Evyenia Dunlap

Allure Bengals, Evyenia Dunlap

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Published: 03 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Evyenia Dunlap of Martinsville, VA 24112 is an animal horder. Breeding “just” canines wasn’t producing quite enough profit so, apparently she decided to go ahead and appeal to the feline world as well to maximize funds and line her pockets with our hard earned dollars, in exchange for her genetically and congenitally ill pets. This time, her unreputable breeding habits/practices has ruined a life, our son’s life~ Jesse. I discovered an add regarding a bengal kitten available from a breeder, Evyenia Dunlap of Virginia in 2014. We fell in love with this kitten and placed a hold deposit to reserve her. Around the 3rd week, Evyenia told us that another mother had to nurse our lil’ girl as well as the rest of the litter because their mother had bloody stools and became anemic. She also told us that the mother had several seizures during the pregnancy phase. We had already placed a hold deposit on our kitten and a request for refund had been refused even though we were highly alarmed. Evyenia “claimed” the mother had been fed raw meat and simply had food poisoning, nothing to even worry about. From the 3rd week on we did recieve 4 “supposed” updated pictures of our lil’ kitty which of course showed a healthy and playful Bengal, so we just pushed our worries to the side. Huge mistake! We opted to have the kitten shipped to us. Upon arrival we noticed the kitten wasn’t the one we had initially purchased, or something was seriously wrong. The travel crate was filled with diarrhea and the kittens left eye was inflammed. We took the kitten home and bathed her hoping it was just travel sickness. She was so exhausted, even throughout the entire next day. Nothing even similiar to what you would expect from a healthy playful kitten. I took her to our Vets office late that evening for a full exam. They ran her bloodwork. The results were Taxoplasmosis!!! I had absolutely no idea what this was, never even heard of it before this day, which became one of the worst days of my life as I was expecting at the time. We provided the breeder’s certificate of health to our vet 3 weeks later when this test was repeated. Taxoplasmosis poses a risk of infection to pregnant women. If infection occurs during pregnancy it can cause abortion or congenital defects to the fetus. This is exactly what happened to our first born son. Jesse was born with severe brain damage. Because of this heartless breeder, my son will never even live a full life. Dunlap bred a cat “knowing” she had this infection and then sold her kittens knowing they most likely were ALL congenital carriers of this infection! How can anyone do this, for money? For any reason at all? She refuses to refund even a dime of our money and has blocked us in every way she can to avoid our communicative efforts. Please do not purchase a kitten from her! She also breeds Siberian Husky’s and there are negative reports against her regarding that as well, of course! We have retained an attorney to represent us and are fully persuing Evyenia Dunlap for our sons medicinal needs.

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