Aloia's Folsom Lake Nissan - Diego Vargas, G M - Chad Eggert, Service Advisor -Arron Booy, Mechanic

Aloia's Folsom Lake Nissan - Diego Vargas, G M - Chad Eggert, Service Advisor -Arron Booy, Mechanic

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Published: 13 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I brought my Nissan 350Z in to Aloia’s Folsom Lake Nissan to have my cd player check because it was not operating correctly. The service advisor told me it needed to be replaced with a new one and had to order it. He advised me it would take about a week. About a week went by and I heard nothing. I called that Friday to inquire, and he said they lost the paperwork and my cd player never got ordered, so it would take another week. He was barely apologetic, and said, “Someone here dropped the ball. I’ll reorder it and call you in about a week.” Well, someone from the Nissan dealership called my home the next Wednesday, but he asked for someone by another name. I told him there was no one here by that name, but I WAS waiting on a part from the Nissan dealership. He said sorry, he would check on it and call me right back. He called me right back, and said it would be here in two business days. The dealership called me the next day and said the cd player was in, so I brought my car in the next day to have the cd player replaced. I dropped the car off at 9:30 a.m. The advisor said it would only take a few hours. After a few hours passed, I decided to have my daughter take me there anyway and I would wait. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE, the service advisor could not find the mechanic who was working on my car! HE COULDN’T EVEN FIND MY CAR! I asked him what was going on, and he said he was just looking for the mechanic, that he was in a different location. Well, right before my eyes, the mechanic and his passenger came driving right past us in my car! When he got out of my car I asked why he was driving it! He said he heard a clicking noise in my window and door. I said my car was not here for any repairs on my window or door, that it was there to have the cd player replaced! The mechanic JUST WALKED AWAY AND SAID NOTHING! I asked the service advisor why the mechanic was out driving my car, and he said he was checking on the speed volume adjustment control on my radio. I then advised him that my car does not contain that feature! It turns out, the mechanic HAD NOT EVEN REPLACED MY CD PLAYER YET! So, the service advisor not only flat out LIED TO MY FACE, but the MECHANIC HAD TAKEN OUT MY CAR JUST FOR A JOYRIDE! The service advisor walked away from me and into the bay to ask where the mechanic had gone, and I followed right behind him. When he questioned the mechanic, the mechanic said he heard a noice in the door and was test driving it to see what it was, that HE WAS DOING ME A FAVOR! I told him my car was here to have the cd player replaced, not for any noises in the door or window! THERE WERE NO NOISES IN THE DOOR OR WINDOW. I’ve had no problems with the door or window! I then asked to see what the mileage was when I brought the car in and what the mileage was on my odometer. That’s when the mechanic got pissed off at me and refused to work on my car any longer! At this point, the service advisor (completely embarrased and lost all sense of control) started belittling me and speaking down to me because I was so upset and questioning what was going on and demanding to know why they were out driving my car! When he started talking down to me, my daughter got pissed off, told him not to speak to me and called him a F’ing A’hole. The service advisor began to rip out the plastic that was covering my seat, grabbed the new cd player and handed me my keys and told me to leave the dealership! I then went to the managers office to tell him what had happened. The manager proceeded to tell me that he had just taken over as manager four months ago, and that he has been going through working with all the employees to improve customer service and that he had just fired five employees in four months! He apologized, said he was going to get to the bottom of it and immediately have his best mechanic install my cd player and have me on my way. In the meantime, I insisted on speaking to the general manager. He said he was embarassed and apologized. He said he planned on having a meeting with all involved and find out what happened. I told him they had NO REASON to be test driving my car. All that was needed was to replace my cd player. Well, it turns out, he spoke to the mechanic and the service advisor, said that test driving it was part of ‘quality control’ and that is why they were driving it. I WANTED TO KNOW WHY THEY WERE TEST DRIVING IT? THEY HADN’T EVEN REPLACE THE CD PLAYER YET? It turns out, the general manager took the side of his employees and just DISMISSED my questions and concerns. He said he cannot undo what happened, and that’s it! Joanne Sacramento, CaliforniaU.S.A. Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Nissan

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