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They let my pet bleed to death

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My pet labrador almost had a near to death experience when a wooden showcase fell on him. He was immediately admitted to Alondra animal hospital. My poor pet was bleeding a lot, was not able to breathe and was not moving. The assistant took him to a room and applied the gauge on the visible wounds. The bleeding continued. Later on, other first aids were done and the pet was made to rest till the doctor was called.

The doctor arrived and after he examined the pet, he said that glass had gone deep into its skin due to which the bleeding was continuing. The dog had to go through surgery to remove the glass otherwise he could die due to extreme blood loss. The surgery would take place the next day. We left the dog and returned home. We were supposed to come and collect it the next evening. The time arrived and we rushed into the hospital. We rushed into the room with the hospital assistant and found that the dog was dead. The assistant had no clue about anything. The doctor with whom we spoke to, was not present that day. Hurrying, we went to the in-charge. He told us that today had been a hectic day and all the surgeons had other operations to do. There was nobody to attend our dog. My younger sister burst into tears and we were speechless at their casualty.

I had no option but to shout at the in-charge at his insensitivity. We were lucky that there was no loss in terms of money but what we lost, was much more than money. Just because it was a pet they could not leave it unattended. They left the poor creature to bleed until he dies. A scene had been created by this time and people gathered to watch what had happened. We filed a complaint in the customer feedback option on the website. The hospital did not deserve even a single star. Anyone in my place would so be grieved by this incident. They simply forgot about surgery. I wonder how many animal lives must have been taken away due to their low-quality service.

The hospital serves no good to any human or animal. The in-charge spoke as if it meant nothing to him. Maybe he had been used to it as his lack of attentiveness must have caused many more deaths. Apart from that, but the doctor in question also not even visit the hospital that day. He had taken the responsibility of the surgery and had been merrily busy in other work. There was no call/ information provided to us and even the assistant had no idea about it. One of the worst hospitals I’ve ever visited. The veterans present here are only so by name, they do not care about patients. I advise each of you with any pet emergency to take your pet somewhere else but not this place.

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