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Published: 07 March 2021

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Alonso Barros, Alonso Barrick Barros, Alonso Barros Van Hovell Alonso Barros has been very dangerous to 12-15 Indigenous communities during the time he was contracted by Barrick Gold – the most dangerous and ruthless mining company on earth. Alonso Barros was paid millions by global mining Barrick Gold and appears to even have retired and purchased a Spa shortly after his work for Barrick. Below are links and is information that displays the voices of the Diaguitas communites: This is evidence, once more, of the immoral actions of the Minera Nevada mining company (subsidiary of Barrick Gold), for imposing its project without respecting the fundamental rights of Indigenous Peoples recognized by current international agreements ratified by Chile, like Convention 169 of the International Labour Organization. “Tambiu00e9n, los ponemos en antecedentes que Alonso Barros es mu00e1s peligroso que Lorenzo Soto y sin considerar que no han destapado al ex Director Nacional del SEA que tambiu00e9n esta dentro de esa Mafu00edau2026 Sin contar aun las nuevas sorpresas que apareceru00e1nu2026” “The lawyers that represent them lack the mandate to compromise our territorial rights, and neither do they have the impartiality to carry forward an agreement as u201cmediatorsu201d, when according to what theyu2019ve expressed in the media, their professional services would be paid for by the resources that the company has set aside for this process which amounts to a preliminary sum of 5 million dollars.” Below are links to provide information about Alonso Barros Van Hovell’s danger ways he has been because of his contracts with Barrick Gold to 12-15 different Indigenous communties. Below are links to provide information about Alonso Barros Van Hovell’s danger ways he has been because of his contracts with Barrick Gold to 12-15 different Indigenous communties. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) The following 3 articles are currently scrambled for some reason but below is a brief description of what their content. 7) 8) 9) Dangerous man who say he is “friendly” to Indigenous communitites. Alonso Barros received millions by mining company Barrick Gold and duped 12 Indigenous communities. Alonso Barros Van Hovell lined his pockets with Indigenous blood money from the most destructive mining company on earth and acted as role of the Chilean state === Entre las irregularidades denunciadas se cuenta la firma del Memoru00e1ndum sin consulta a las bases, el pago de grandes sumas de dinero a dirigentes indu00edgenas y abogados, ocultamiento del acuerdo y anexos a los propios comuneros, la ejecuciu00f3n vulnerando los derechos internacionales de los Pueblos Indu00edgenas, como la consulta libre, previa e informada y de buena fe a todos los indu00edgenas habitantes del territorio, denunciaron tambiu00e9n la creaciu00f3n de una figura de u201cAmigable Componedoru201d (Alonso Barros) pagado por la empresa minera, este se constituye en garante, reemplazando en este rol al Estado, funciu00f3n irrenunciable segu00fan lo suscrito en los Convenios internacionalesu2026 y no obstante el gobierno de turno admite esta aberraciu00f3n.

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