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the worst place you can go for your dental health

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Published: 10 May 2019

Posted by: Daniel

Those people are too retarded to treat your teeth. They have zero knowledge of the stuff they do. The place has no kind of management or supervision and the patients are handled by ill-experienced, rookie professionals who have no idea of what they are doing. I had gone there for a treatment and I can assure you, it was only a waste of my money. These people charge you a lot and with such high rates, you might expect professional and exceptional treatment. But you get the opposite of what you expect, rubbish, pathetic and poor treatments. These people wasted my money and instead of providing me with results, they damaged my teeth. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to visit this place. This place is just messed up. And it’s messed up in all wrong ways. I promise you, you’d only face disappointment when you get treatment here. Don’t be fooled by their website and their patient reviews. They are all LIES. I had gone there to get veneers. The dentist did the procedure but he didn’t tell me about the risks nor did he tell me about the kind of designs he was using for my teeth. I didn’t know at that time that doctors are supposed to share that information with the patient. That’s a huge red flag. They don’t tell you about the risks of the procedures they are about to do. And that’s a big sign of threat. It shows how irresponsible or manipulative these people are. When you don’t know what kind of damage the procedures can do, how will you make an informed decision? The dentist did the veneering on my teeth. But they went yellow within just a few months. I guess it’s only been 2 or 3 months since I got those veneers. And they already look ugly yellow. I had gotten the veneers to enhance my looks. But they just messed up my look further. I visited another dentist with these messed up veneers. And she told me that veneers don’t get yellow. They had used some poor material. Also, those veneers have left stains on my teeth. That’s because they used some cheap material to place those cases on my teeth. It’s clear that these people have no idea of what they’re doing. They are unprofessional, retarded, and liars. I have got me veneers done properly by another dentist. But when I contacted these guys to complain about their terrible veneers, they just told me that I must have not maintained proper hygiene, which led to that terrible outcome. I seriously advise you to go someplace else. Alpha Dentistry isn’t the right kind of place for you. In fact, it’s the worst place you can visit for improving your dental health. I just hope these people get what they deserve. Their licenses should get removed and they should be shut down. I’m glad I found someone else who fixed these guys’ mistakes.

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