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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I purchased 2 business class round trip fares from AFG. I really really wish I would have done some research or just booked with the airline like I normally do. But since we were going very long haul I decided to try and save a little money and went with AFG. What a mistake. The inbound flight(s) went fine. However the oubound most assuredly did not. We showed up at ORTambo airport and went to check in with our already paid for/seat assigned tickets and were told by Emirates that these tickets had been cancelled. Wow. So here we were, in South Africa trying to get home. We had to purchase new tickets. After arriving home I began the process, yes, the process, of trying to get recompensed from Alpha Flight Guru. I would rather get a root canal. These people were rude and quite frankly couldn’t care less. After multiple phone calls, which for the most part went unanswered, many emails, and finally a BBB case creation, I managed to get most of my refund back. However I had to absorb the currency exchange fee, and am still struggling to get recompensed for the ‘gas and surcharges’ that Alpha Flight Guru tells me is the responsibility of Emirates. Mr. Steve Boro maintained through an email to me that they were ‘actively’ pursuing this with Emirates. If that is the case, then pray tell, after 2 months, where is the credit from Emirates? Where is the documentation showing that you indeed have filed a claim with Emirates on my behalf? All I want is my 878.20 refunded to me, either from Alpha Flight Guru ( really they should refund it, since they caused this to begin with ) or Emirates.

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