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Long Hours of Work yet No Incentives!

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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Jared

Alpha seven energy is an organization that shows no respect for new employees and only chokes them with work without any rest. Such organizations are a blot to the society where employees are not provided with adequate incentives that they deserve saying that it is just for the first 6 months, no wonder they consider providing it later too or these are just lame excuses to turn down the things employees actually deserve especially those employees who are dedicated to work for the organization.

One of my friends recently left working in this so called esteemed organization that is working to provide high-quality service to its clients. Although I respect the job they are doing, but the way they are treating their employees is nothing more than shameless acts of exploiting human resources. Being a human resource manager myself, I feel pity for new joiners getting a position in this firm. Working at your firm was the first job for my friend, and the experience he got is so negative, no one would have ever thought how ill-treated these people are.

I and even all my fellow friends had never imagined that a name as big as Alpha seven energy could behave so badly with its employees. You want all the work on time, and if someone is getting you work swiftly and never fails to come office on time and leave only after completing all the work, what else do you expect from one such employee? He was an intern in my firm and I know exactly how he handles work and has always been an all-rounder and perfectionist. I don’t doubt his capabilities, but this thing that he is an incompetent person is not at all acceptable.

But now hearing to his inside stories leave us surprised because it just doesn’t make sense and I would really like to ask the management of this organization, do you even consider your new joiners as Employees or are they some part-time workers for you? Even the HR manager directly rejected any kind of incentives and salaries were never paid on time, saying that this will continue for 6 months and then, everything will be fine. It’s like a pressure test asking one to bear this harassment for 6 months and then, after that, when your patience has become tired of working too hard and giving up seems like a better option, you give a shock that you have been fired, reason being performance not up to the mark.

If this is the way you hire employees just so to take out work from them and fire them after 6 months, make all the things clear from the very beginning. This is not the way, I won’t let you people go like that. Treat your employees like humans, they are serving your organization with full dedication, show some respect for them as well. They are investing their time and energy to complete the tasks that you all ask, and your attitude towards them is pathetic.

I literally feel sorry for all the employees and would really like to ask the CEO of this organization, what do you think are the real assets of your company? Your employees and not your clients. Because you may get a better client again but once you lose a good employee, you may never get that again. Clogging your employees with long hours of work and providing them nothing in return is so bad, no employee deserves it. If you want employees to stick around, you need to keep them happy and motivated and the best way is by providing them with relevant incentives that marks the good performance of the employee.

I still don’t understand how can people be inhuman and behave like they have no humanity left. You have given a lesson to my friend and even other employees who probably should search for new avenues as well because they should not work for people like you. Even my friend never deserved to work for a firm like yours. I am happy too as he will no longer work for such insensitive people and will only get better opportunities in the future. You all will have to pay for what you did to play with his future. Even God will punish you in the worst way that will turn your life hell just the way you tried to make his life.

I really want that you feel exactly the same you made him feel because only then you will realize the true value of an amazing employee. I will never recommend anyone to join your organization. I hope people check the real genuine face that you have rather than the ones you have created through your fake reviews.

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