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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

On the 29th of October 2011 a FAKE BEAUTY PAGEANT was held byDiana Manih. It was evident that the mother of the “winning” contestant had known the owners of the even Diana Manih who is the best friends with the director of the show and allegedly paid for her daughter to win the show, because the winner named “x” (for legal reasons) wants to become a singer and found that this show would be a platform to get her noticed. | The crew including the director of the show DIANA MANIH AKA DIANA GABRA had lied to the remaining 12 contestants and had denied all claims that she show was a set up and used and exploited the girls to just make up numbers in the show. The girls were all hurt and upset that they did not have a fair chance in the competition and had been deceived by by the director alco charging people for the thicket and the tables. | Throughout the show many of the girls had complained that contestant ‘x” had received special treatment and thought that she show was a set up, and as Diana manih was a former Director opposed any kind of cheating in a show, that she would tell them the truth, but instead she filled there head with lies, and denied all claims and encouraged the girls to continue on. | same time teh paople could vote by mobile phone via text message ( we come to this matter too) | The most chilling evidence that the show was a set up was that on entering the show, the girls had to be 18-28 years old, CLEARLY STATED IN THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, however, contestant “x” was only 16 years old, ( this is legaly brough up to Ocom UK) show? She lied to all the girls, and so did the crew of miss arab, who all said that contestant “x” was 18, and even in wn advertisement that was aired on tv contestant “x” said that she was 18. SO if she had lied about her age why did miss arab not eliminate her from the show, just like the other girls who had breeched the terms of the contract. FORTUNATLEY some of the girls discovered that her true age and came forward to the directors of the show, who in return claimed that it was all due to a system malfunction…? REALLY? A SYSTEM MALFUNCTION, surely you could have come up with a better lie… so they breeched there own contract proving the show was deceitful and a set up. And whats more significant is that on applying to the show, all girls had to give there passport numbers so Diana Manih there ages, so THEY KNEW HOW OLD CONTESTANT ‘X’ WAS, THEY JUST DIDN’T THINK THEY WOULD BE DISCOVERED, and made her lie! | All the contestant did not get any fee from the text message income and thicket . However it was promised and alos the | contettant spent over 4 weeks for this show been film and the film has been sold to the Tv channel. | The show was a fix, and evidently through out the filming of the shows contestant “x” did receive special treatment, and even chose her dress for the final show, from a special selection of dresses that the other girls were not allowed to even look at. Evidently, during the shows contestant “x” was made to dominate the shows and was shown the most, obviously to boost her public appeal. Additionally, whenever the girls were taken out together, to restaurants the owners and workers in the restaurants, when introduced to contestant “x” would say “Oh this is Syria, the girl you showed us a picture of and told us to vote for” to the al alamia crew. SO clearly they also tried to promote her more then all of the other girls. | MOST IMPORTANTLY AND MOST CRUCIAL on the final night of the show, during the actual pageant, a source was in the room where the judges were deciding on the winner, and they chose another contestant, but DIANA MANIH was infuriated and said ‘NO THIS IS MY SHOW AND contestant “x” IS GOING TO WIN, I DON’T CARE IF IT IS CHEATING”. Clearly, the show was a fix, and Diana manih POSED | FOR THE LIARS THEY ARE.. EXPLOITING YOUNG INNOCENT GIRLS, AND BREECHING THEIR OWN CONTRACT. | Now The Scam Part By Diana Manih. ( The companin file excist in UK ofcom you can check your self ) | The show was Film live and broadcast from TV channel ! people voting in same night , each text £1.75 | the next night show repite again with the lower third on picture”the show is live send your vote by texting 07xxxxxxxxxx” | People start to sending text message for the program already broadcast the day before!! | they earn £15000for second night by basicaly rerun the show . teh complain has made to ofcom | Al alamia chose a 16 year old girl to represent ARAB WOMEN, YES WOMEN as in adults, how can a minor represent arab women? | SO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FAKE MISS ARAB LONDON 2011, ON YOUR CROWN THAT REPRESENTS NOTHING BUT LIES AND SHAME. | Now I will warn people . another show is prepering soon for fashion and jowellery by same girl Diana manih Now changing name to Diana Gabra. This time is jewaly show and saling thicket for that . My duty to tell you please becarfull with the event runing by same scam person Dianah manih. Please beawar and do not be ripoff by this person.

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