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Published: 03 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Pulling out of a Top-Stop Service Station (gas and food) today in Ogden, Utah, a GMC SUV with Washington plates approached with the window down. The follow inside – estimate about 50 years old with gray hair – told me he was from Italy and asked how to get to the freeway (I-15). I told him how to do that – the turn was less than a block away to take him from Wall Avenue where this incident occurred to I-15 leading to the airport. I asked him where in Italy he was from. He said Milano. I was interested because I have been to Milano and walked the streets and city center there. When I mentioned this, he was very short and said that he had a plane to catch. He said he had been at a fashion show in Ogden and that he had some product to sell that were left over and wondered if I would be interested in them. | The man then solicited me to pull to the far part of the parking lot near the street. I pulled along side his vehicle. He told me his name was Luigi from Milano and took me over to his car. He opened the rear side door on the right side. Inside were two felt bags. There were three XL size coats in one and three XXL coats in another. They had the Guici marking and he claimed that they were authentic. All were suade or leather. One was light tan – the others all black. He then handed me the sack with the XL sizes in it and told me that he didn’t want to pay the 7% tax to return to Italy with these items. He wanted to give them to me. I asked him, “How much?” and He said that there was no need for money – that he had money and pulled out a roll of at least 3 or 4 $100 bills. He then told me that he had the XXL coats and I could get all six if I would buy one. | I asked the cost and he showed me on his iPhone the prices of these coats running from $900 up to $1800. He said that if I paid $700 for one, they would all be mine. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money. Then the high pressure started. He gave me a business card with his name on it as Luigi C. – nothing more. He also pulled out his Italian passport (or something that resembled it) and told me he really had to leave and didn’t want to pay the taxes on all these coats. | The more he spoke, the more it became obvious to become a scam. I put the bag of coats he had given me back into the backseat floor of the car and politely told him there would be no purchase today. He kept dropping the price and the last offer he made by running up to my truck’s passenger door and opening it to say he would go $300 for the whole collection. I told him no. He was put-out and angry. I drove away. | Reading the same story and exact tactics from others in England only means they have now gravitated to the USA. | I checked out the store, the company name and info on the business card. It is all bogus. Buyer beware!

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