Always Helpful Movers

Always Helpful Movers

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Published: 16 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. So bad they made me write my first review in my life…this review. I’m so glad Rip off report was created to help others find honest respectable companies, and save others a complete disaster as we went though with this company. They hide behind trying to convince you they are a honest Christian company but the owner is anything but. READ the fine print in the contract if you dare use them. | My move was a local move that cost around $2300( with tip) which included 2 weeks storage before we could move into our new home. Let me first say the workers are fantastic , friendly and hardworking, but unfortunately everything runs through the owner, which is the total opposite. DUE YOUR DUE DILLENGENCE…please. If you use them and have valuables read the fine print they only cover .60 cents a pound, which equates to NOTHING. And they don’t tell you anything about buying insurance or even point out that its an option. With us they broke a table worth more than what we paid for the entire move, didn’t tell us until the last second when they where literally pulling out of the driveway after unloading us in the new home, and then said they are fixing it( which we never game them permission to attempt) . It was a 1″ think marble/travertine formal table and they were fixing from watching “YOUTUBE VIDEOS”. This is after every legitimate natural stone company they contacted declined even attempting the job. They finally found somebody who attempted to fix it, it looks bad and they delivered it back to us over a MONTH later. I had to initiate every form of correspondence or they were silent. They promised the table back at least 10x before it finally arrived, and in ridiculous condition, sand marks, uneven polish or lacquer application, rough, drips hardened of the ledges, just a horrible job.. His words to me at 7pm at night when they delivered it back was” it looks good from 10 feet away”. I’m not joking, and he was being serious.This company is a mess and said they cannot afford to help compensate for the table, this should scare anybody contemplating using them. We got the run around for over a MONTH. | Bottom line is in the fine print they pay .60 per pound for damages( which they don’t tell you about or bring to your attention incase you need insurance). WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF TAKING THEM TO COURT . We believe they violated the term of the contract. We gave them so many chances to make this right but the owner doesn’t understand business, integrity, or has any business acumen so its useless, we will take our chances in court. PLEASE… do you research. Im sure he will call this a lie, like he told me every bad review online was a lie. But its not…100% truth. Choose wisely. Now he is rebutting all reviews lying saying he told us about crating, insurance, etc… and actualy said since I tipped It proved i was satisified. I tipped becasue the workers have familys, i couldnt prove who broke the table, and the workers said john the owner would make it right. I was doing the CHRISTIAN THING, NOT HIM. The court will have the final say , thats where we are heading in a month at our courtt date.

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