Always Rolling Trucking

Always Rolling Trucking

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Published: 21 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The worst trucking job ever. I told this kid I would not use a dime of my money on his business expenses. As soon as I hit the road, I found out I could not get the promised cash advance. I told him I had been ripped off before. He promised that will never happen here. Liar. When he demanded I fax bol’s I let him know I had no money, could not get the promised advance. He threatens pay for the fax or sit with no money for fuel. I did, about six times. Day one I was given a fuel card that was not activated. I was told the trailer was parked sixty miles from were I picked up the tractor. I insisted the office lady double check. It was located in the same yard were the tractor was. I had to double back to get it. I got a bounced check they deposited in my account. Never mentioned that to me. I just found out after working for these idots for five weeks. Not one time was a reload waiting after unloading. Blackner promised to get me home for church on Sundays. One time is all, and He bragged about it. Seriously? I got me home by cheating my log, or I would have made it but two hours ahead of time. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, and I mean everything. Most of the issues I had never encounted before. The full script will follow in book form. His partner calls me this morning, a thug named Canary. He was expecting to have to unload what I brought in. I had dutifully completed that task. I said I could meet him and show him were I hid the key. He was waiting, but this montrosity of a kid, maybe six three and three hundred at least, would neither look at me or talk to me. These bums are the worst kind of cowards. If you are looking for a job in southern Utah, don’t look here. I originally passed on this offer, and foolishly went back. We have all had bad jobs. Bad dispatchers. Bad days. This was to be a five week nightmare, punctuated by some pleasant driving. I told him I quit Thursday before last. He said he wished I would take this run to Florida for him. What an a**. No not him, me. I am too trusting, and this guy and his cohort are anything but honorable. Don’t look at Always Rolling Trucking. You wont be. I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy. If I had one. I never received any payroll paperwork. No trip pack copies, and no proof of repayment for all the times I paid out on their expences, tolls faxes etc. They added up fast. $900.00 the first week. I can’t get these cowards to text a response to my requests for supporting paperwork. I do this report for those of you who might potentially step on a mine. I wish I had took warning from the other gentleman who posted about this pair of b***s. Lastly, to add inult to injury, I was told I had a horrible attitude from day one. I told him before hand that I was brutally honest. He say’s he could take it. Not. I had the worst job, worst employer ever, and all I did was point out in a matter of fact way that the job was not going well. I never made it personal as he did. Till now. Not really. I just want to see others avoid what I went through, and hope you all have better luck, and find a company that will help you meet your needs as you help them, meet theirs. Cheers.

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