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Am Scott

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Published: 29 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

On March 26,2018 I went to Am Scott on E. Memorial Lakeland to get a $ 775.00 to pay my rent.On that day (after making a copy and buying a stamp from them),I proceeded to put it in the mailbox inside the location instead of taking it to the post office like I normally did for the past year.I asked the Am Scott manager what time did the mail got plcked up and he said 2pm.every day.Well it was 4pm. so I figured next day (Friday).WRONG!!! Today is 4/10/15 and my landlord still hasn’t recieved the money order.I went to the location to find out what the procedure was for these kind of issues and while I was waiting to my surprise the mailbox had a PIN as a lock!!! A PIN!! Are you serious? For a store that’s open all night…hmmm.Now guess what?Yeap! $ 12.00 and 60 days to MAYBE get my money back.Free Money Orders they say.Meanwhile I’m at the risk of getting evicted for nonpayment of rent.It’s not that complicated,cancel that money order and issue a new one.No one can use it anyway. But of course, the customer always has to be at the losing end of it all.Thank Am Scott.

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