Amanda Johason and Associates

Amanda Johason and Associates

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Published: 03 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

How can I get out of the Nightmare I start working with Amanda Johanson Law Group since 8/18/2015. The account manager Perla Ortiz told me my privite loan case was a slam dunk and they should be able resolve my case in less than a year since the school I took a loan out with closed down before I even attened 1 day of class. I provied everything they asked for, credit reports, the montyly call log, I even sent them a news paper articles about the school closeing down with the date proving everything I told them. It’s been 20 months now and I have talked to over 6 account managers and they keep giving me the same story, They are building a case, and everytime I ask to speak with Amanda she is busy and they will give her the message. I have asked to please send me proof of what’s going on and has yet to receive anything. I’m now dealing with Laci Norman she set a appointment up for me talk with Amanda on Friday June 9th between 10AM-12PM. No call. When I called the her on Monday she just said “I don’t know what happend” Could someone please help!!! I’m now out of work, and and having a hard time paying someoe $311 a month for doing absolutely nothing, and now my wife and I credit had taken a big hit and now can’t qualify for anything.

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