Amanda Richards

Amanda Richards is low-class and a homewrecker

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Published: 06 August 2017

Posted by: Donna E. Burgoon

Amanda Richards is 29-years-old waitress who used to work at a truck stop in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This skunk started to woo her 44-year-old, married general manager and eventually managed to lure him to her trailer park to show him the kind of woman she really is.
Soon enough with a little push the manager started screwing her after work and then he would go back to his family. Eventually the manager’s wife learns about the affair and confronts them. Amanda, the gem of a human that she is, goes head and mocks the wife, then goes ahead and sends the manager explicit sexual images.
The wife is left with little option and confronts both of them again. Now the manager has a change of heart and tells Amanda that she needs to stop as he loves his wife and didn’t want to cause her pain any longer. Now, the bitch can’t take no for an answer and at work tries to lure him back. Amanda just wouldn’t believe that he wouldn’t leave his wife and felt the way he did continued to encourage the affair. Which man in his 40s wouldn’t like a much younger slut and this guy was no different and continued to carry on the affair.
When the wife gave him an ultimatum and asked him to either chose the slut or the marriage, he stood by his wife. What the wife didn’t know is that the bastard of a husband had a second cellphone that she didn’t know about that he used to text and send naked pictures of himself to the bitch.
Next the husband took a new job and had to go away on training. The wife decides to drives 9 hours to spend a romantic weekend with him just like old-times. They used to go on getaways even when the homewrecker entered their lives. The guy was still skyping and having video sex with the slut with his wife was visiting the doctors. The doctor tells the wife that she has a sexually transmitted disease that is passed on by the slut.
The wife suffers through three months of nightmare. One afternoon she leaves work early and finds her husband and this slut in Meijers parking lot. Both are caught and neither can deny the fact because the slut has bought along her 10-year-old to introduce him to her married boyfriend. Talk about low morals! It is just disgusting to know that they these people actually reproduce and procreate. It is pathetic to know that they are spending our hard-earned tax-payer’s dollars for her daycare so that both the husband and the slut can leave work early and are free to screw each other.

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