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Ambassador Solar Energy

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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Three words to describe Ambassador Solar Energy: FRAUDS, CROOKS, AND BANKRUPT! They are also known as: Ambassador Solar and Ambassador Energy. They took over $20,000 from me and have stopped all communication with us. Fraud alert! | This is the process of their scam: | 1) They complete a solar estimate of the property. | 2) They send their itemized breakdown of cost for labor and materials. | 3) They ask for 40% of the money upfront for purchasing materials. | Our Experience with Ambassador: | Ambassador Solar Energy’s CEO, Kelly Smith, lacks integrity, which is evident by the fact that she is running a business of scamming others. We contacted Ambassador Energy a couple days after paying them an exorbitant down payment and asked about the progress for the solar installation project. Ambassador Energy said that they are waiting for the permitting on the solar panels and the approval from SDG&E. We started getting suspicious when we asked Ambassador Solar for the time frame, and they said that the permitting and approval process takes a couple months. We demanded that Ambassador Solar expedite this process and to communicate with us weekly about the permitting. After a couple weeks of telling us lies and fluff to keep us off their back, Ambassador Solar Energy ceased all communication with us. | Eventually we were forced to take legal action. Shortly after looking into Ambassador Solar Energy’s profile, we discovered that they had filed for bankruptcy and left a lot of people high and dry. I wasn’t the only one taken advantage by Ambassador, they have also taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from other individuals who signed on for their services, paid a down payment, and have received nothing from Ambassador Energy. Many of the complaints show that they are known to constantly make excuses to drag on a process. | Like many others who have been scammed by Ambassador Energy, we had no choice but to pursue legal action toward their company. During the legal process, we had to work with Ambassador Energy’s lawyer. Ambassador Energy hired a crooked lawyer, who does not communicate with our lawyer or us. We will not let them drag out the statute of limitations and will continue pursuing this case, because they have stolen THOUSANDS from us. They are not to be trusted – not to mention they were more expensive than others we got quotes from. Do not do business with them – you will regret it! | Here is their bankruptcy filing: Ambassador Energy Inc. Case No. 6:16-bk-11880 SC

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